Game Rant Open Discussion: April 8

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It’s time for the second Game Rant Open Discussion of April! This week, we reflect on the happenings of The Last Of Us 2, The Division, God of War, and more!

As the first full week of April comes to a close, it’s time for us to release this week’s Game Rant Open Discussion. There’s been no shortage of big-name titles making waves this week, which saw The Division continue its impressive dominance of the market. That’s not to say that only the big studios had their time in the spotlight, and this week we shine focus on a smaller developer, too.

In the Game Rant Open Discussion, we invite our readers to discuss anything that has happened during the week in the comment section below, even if the topic doesn’t relate to the gaming industry itself.

We’ve picked out a few hot ticket items from the last 7 days as a starting point for the discussion. This week, we’re talking about God Of War 4, The Last Of Us 2, The Division, and more! Without further ado, let’s take a lookat some of the weekly news items which made waves:

7 Days To Die Is Coming To Consoles

7 Days To Die Gameplay

The zombie-based survival crafting title has been in early access for PCs for more than two years now, where developer The Fun Pimps has continually updated the title to include vehicles, new crafting items, and smoother world generation. This week, it was announced that 7 Days To Die fans will be able to play the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, thanks TellTale Games’ publishing arm picking up the publishing rights for the console editions.

The console edition of the game will have some exclusive content, though The Fun Pimps has not stated what this content will ultimately be. Since ARK: Survival Evolved has found much success on consoles, it looks like TellTale Publishing is willing to take a gamble on another crafting-based game making waves on the market, though only time will tell if 7 Days To Die will be able to replicate its Steam-based success.

7 Days to Die is poised to launch in June this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is currently available on Steam as an early-access title.

Details Drop For The Division‘s First Incursion


With less than a week to go until the big April update, Ubisoft Massive is filling up the figurative hype train with as many agents as it possibly can. The update is slated to introduce the first high-level raid to players of The Division, which are being called Incursions by Ubisoft Massive. The inaugral incursion will be titled ‘Falcon Lost’, and the studio tweeted out a first look at the mission earlier this week.

The mission is sure to be a challenge for even the most dedicated agents, and one Ubisoft Massive employee has since gone on to state that her team attempted the incursion six times, without ever making it to the end of Falcon Lost. Those thinking they can cheat their way through the mission (or the Dark Zone, for that matter) may want to think twice, as the studio also recently confirmed they would begin permanently banning cheaters.

Each Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode Will Be The Length of a Full Game

video games formula remake final fantasy pokemon call of duty

Gamers worried that Square Enix’s decision to turn the Final Fantasy 7 remake into an episodic adventure would mean Telltale Games-esque 1 to 2 hour episodes need not worry, according to longtime Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase.

Fans expecting a complete replication of the original Final Fantasy 7 will be in for a wild ride, as the remake will also feature a fresh spin on the iconic combat system. As Kitase modestly explains, he and several of the remake’s other development staff were involved in the production of the original Final Fantasy, so in a sense, they don’t believe that anything is untouchable – though that’s not to say they’re changing everything.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is currently in production for the PlayStation 4 with no known release date.

Naughty Dog Will Move Forward With The Last Of Us 2 When Uncharted 4 DLC Is Finished


Gamers eager for Naughty Dog to drop some exciting news about The Last Of Us 2 will have to wait until the studio completes its work on Uncharted 4 and all of its downloadable content. The news about waiting until the game itself is finished is nothing new, but the DLC is another story entirely. Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley had been hard at work developing ideas within the spectrum of The Last Of Us prior to their drama-filled return to the Uncharted franchise, and it looks like the ‘hold that thought’ moment will stretch even longer if the duo stick around to manage the DLC.

The game is poised to release in around a month’s time, and it goes without saying that the game’s visuals are very impressive. The game may have shed some weight in unnecessary game modifiers, but it looks like Uncharted 4 has already achieved such a high level of polish that it is already receiving high praise from those in the industry. With Druckmann and Straley at the helm for the downloadable content, we can only hope the at-cost DLC delivers an entertaining extension to the franchise, before it’s time for The Last Of Us 2 to reaffirm its roots.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is scheduled to release on May 10th, 2016,  as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

God of War 4 May Feature A Norse SettingGod of War Leaked Art Suggests Norse Mythology - Kratos

The God of War franchise has been deeply entwined with Greek mythology, and fans have come to expect that trend to continue. This week, however, leaked concept art for God of War 4 seems to feature Kratos in a Norse setting, meaning the Spartan-born warrior may be facing off with the likes of Thor and Loki in the next title.

The leaked concept images have a degree of credibility attached to them, since they came from a former Santa Monica Studios artist. The leak was also provided by a well-known and respected industry insider named Shinobi602, who has proven himself accurate on several ocassions prior to this leak. It’s already common knowledge that the game is currently under development, though there’s always the potential that the concept images are just that – concepts.

God of War 4 is currently an unannounced title, and since it’s being developed by a Sony studio, it’s safe to say it will likely be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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With April officially in full swing, we’re left eagerly awaiting the first incursion for The Division and the newest Fallout 4 expansion pack, both of which will be dropping on April 12th. If we though this week was busy, next week will certainly be a challenge!

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