Game Rant Open Discussion: April 29

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Now that April is winding to a close, it’s time for the weekly Game Rant Open Discussion. Within the comments section of this post, we create a space for our readers to discuss the happenings of the week, whether they happen to be related to the gaming industry or not.

This week was a hectic one for gaming news, and we’ve compiled several hot topics so that gamers can easily catch up on some of the bigger news item from the past week. Within the last week of April, Nintendo revealed a large console announcement, and no shortage of news came out regarding The Division, Fallout 4, Outlast 2, and more!

Without further ado, here’s some quick synopses of this week’s biggest happenings:

Nintendo NX Gets A Release Window

Nintendo NX Console


Nintendo has finally revealed the date of the oft-speculated Nintendo NX, which financial documents reveal to be sometime in March 2017. The official documents seem to shut down a popular rumor that predicated that a Nintendo NX handheld peripheral would come sometime later this year.

Despite the massive amount of mysterious patents and disc-less device plans that the company has been involved in, very little is actually known about the Nintendo NX itself. The late Satoru Iwata said that the console would “change the video game life“, so expectations are high for the new console. Many longtime fans are upset that the company seems to be pulling support away from the Wii U, which featured comparatively lackluster sales when next to the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

The upcoming console will be completely absent from E3 2016, which leaves Nintendo with just the upcoming Zelda game to show during the convention. It’s a slim menu when compared to their rival companies, which means Nintendo is putting a lot on the line when it comes to the console’s success.

Hacker Woes Continue For Those Playing The Division

the division team standoff

It looks like Drake isn’t the only part of popular culture consumed by woes: Ubisoft Massive has had one fire pop up after another for The Division when it comes to dealing with game-breaking glitches, incursion exploits, and the prevalence of so many hackers that the hackers themselves are getting annoyed by one another.

The studio has promised to crack down on cheaters with both improved an cheat detection system and a tough two-tier strike policy: gamers caught cheating once will face an automatic 14 day ban, and those caught cheating again after their first time-out will get themselves a straight-up permanent ban from the game. The studio also changed the way the first incursion plays out to eliminate bullet-based exploits entirely, and were able to fix the game-breaking glitches somewhat shortly after identifying them.

With many gamers still complaining about hackers and glitch-based drama still at the forefront, Ubisoft Massive has a long road to go before such problems are truly in the metaphorical rearview mirror. The problems didn’t slow down sales in the initial release month, but they may harm the longevity of the franchise if not properly addressed. Network specialists have indicated that fixing the client-side problems would require a complete do-over of the game, so only time will tell how Ubisoft plans to keep the game running long-term.

Pokemon Go Footage Leaks; Looks Amazing

Pokemon GO Pikachu

For the second time in the month, Pokemon GO footage has leaked out from Nintendo and straight into the hands of fans, with the latest leak showing off several previously unseen game features.

The footage runs for an impressive 9 minutes, presumably courtesy from one of the game’s expanded field test operations. Gamers who watch the recent leak will get a sneak peak at the introductory portion of the game, which lets players customize their individual trainers. Once a player finishes this process, they must go out and hunt for their own starter Pokemon in real life – it looks like Professor Oak has other things to do, and won’t be on-hand to give players a freebie.

The video also shows off features like gym battles, leveling up, and even egg-hatching, so it’s certainly worth a look for those curious about Nintendo’s second large foray into the mobile marketplace (the first being the lovable social network, Miitomo).

Pokemon GO is currently scheduled for a 2016 release for both iOS and Android devices.

Fallout 4 Console Mods Are Coming


It’s been a long time in the works, but Bethesda Game Studios has finally confirmed that gamers exploring the Boston Commonwealth via console will be able to access fan-made modifications within the next two months. It was almost a year ago that Bethesda promised that PC mods would be transferable to console, so it’s good to see the company make good on the promise – especially since modifications are traditionally a PC-only enterprise.

Those playing from the Xbox One will be able to start using Fallout 4 modifications starting in May, while those playing from PlayStation 4 consoles will be granted access sometime in June. Within the same announcement, Bethesda also finally gave details about the Creation Kit open beta, which makes it much easier for fans to create modifications and modify portions of the game itself. The creation kit – commonly called the GECK – should lead to a massive wave of new fan-made content. More impatient console gamers will be happy to know that Survival Mode will be rolling in via an update as soon as next week.

Outlast 2 Gives A Terrifying First Look

Outlast 2 Logo

Gamers eager for another horrifying survival game from Red Barrels Studio can give themself the jitters with the first look at Outlast 2, which will take gamers down South for a jump-scare filled adventure they won’t soon forget. The studio released a 4-and-a-half minute gameplay trailer which certainly demonstrates that the studio hasn’t lost its touch, and we’d like to take this opportunity to warn our readers that the linked video isn’t for the faint of heart: it’s just as horrifying as it is thrilling, and it’s very thrilling.

The highly anticipated title is due to arrive later this year, where it will compete with other survival horror games like Friday the 13th and 7 Days To Die. Once again, players will assume the role of a camera-toting protagonist who gets mixed up in a situation that will have them running for their life as psychotic murderers pursue the character through a variety of Southern-themed locales, including a cornfield as depicted in the above trailer.

Outlast 2 has a tentative late 2016 release date for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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Battleborn Launch Trailer

Now that May is almost open us, gamers are free to reflect all that happened this April – and there was quite a bit to talk about. With console announcements, jump-scares, hacker drama and leaked content, it’s safe to say that the last full week of April has provided plenty of excitement! Gamers interested in talking about gaming items of the week – or anything, really – can click the Comments button below to join the conversation.

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