Game Rant Open Discussion: September 28th

By | 1 year ago 

Good afternoon Ranters (and night and morning for some)!

Over the weekend, there were a number of interesting news items that both excited and disappointed gamers, drawing some raised eyebrows and a few cheers. In today’s Open Discussion, we’ll cover a few of these and give our readers a chance to start their own conversations.

To kick things off, we’ll start with arguably the most anticipated game of the year: Fallout 4. The folks at Bethesda made many Fallout fans happy when they revealed there will be no platform-exclusive DLC for the upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG. Some gamers were worried Xbox One would get a boost of some kind, since the developer previously released content first on Xbox 360 for Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This news will undoubtedly give PlayStation gamers confidence in purchasing the recently announced Fallout 4 season pass.

Next up, it turns out Star Wars Battlefront may have been a much different game than what’s coming in a couple months. Studio general manager at DICE, Patrick Bach, revealed that the developer almost passed on Battlefront. Some gamers may be disappointed DICE didn’t let the project go, but it’s hard not to be impressed with the title as it’s been shown so far. Hopefully the final game excels expectations and doesn’t experience any of the issues that plagued DICE’s Battlefield 4 launch.

Fallout 4 Combat

Now, a big one for PlayStation 4 gamers. In a recent interview, Uncharted 4’s game director, Neil Druckmann, opened up about Uncharted 4’s ending as a fitting finale for the series. While there’s always a chance the developer will eventually make Uncharted 5, the developer is making sure to wrap up the series’ loose ends in Uncharted 4, and won’t leave any openings for a sequel. That’s okay, though, as Nathan Drake is undoubtedly tired and ready to retire. Fortunately, it looks like Lara Croft is just getting comfortable.

Finally, we put together a feature exploring the combat system in the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII, and whether or not it should be turn-based or more action-oriented. Gamers were already informed during E3 that Square Enix is planning some changes for the game, but they didn’t elaborate on what those changes might be. Naturally, gamers took to social media to share their opinions about what they’d like to see change, and what they hope remains the same.

It’s your turn now, Ranters. Let us know what you think about the above stories, or any others you found interesting. Feel free to chat about gaming, movies, comics, or whatever interests you. We ask simply that you keep things clean and respectful. Enjoy!