Game Rant’s OnLive Video Tour

Game Rant's OnLive Video Tour

Hopefully you have read my impressions on the amazing new gaming service, OnLive. If you have, I hope you enjoyed it and found it informative. If, however, you did not read it because reading makes you tired, never fear: I also made a video review.

My reason for recording a video was to show you as honest and unsullied an OnLive experience as possible. Much of the OnLive experience is visual, you see, not to mention the fact that the technology running under OnLive's hood is still met with some skepticism. So the idea of submitting just a written review seemed to be a disservice to both OnLive and you. I wanted to share a little of my OnLive experience with you in a way that would show you exactly what you would see if you decided to sign up for the service and part with your money.

In the video below, which is broken into two parts, I'll show you my PC setup, fire up OnLive, and take you for a little tour of the service, highlighting useful and pertinent information as I see it. I hope you all enjoy our first ever video feature:



I apologize  to any you German Game Rant fans, though. Due to a copyright issue with the opening theme music to Borderlands, Part 2 of my OnLive video review will not be viewable in your country.

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