Game of Thrones Season 1 Trailer Recreated in Skyrim Using 200+ Mods

Game of Thrones Skyrim Trailer

One YouTuber recreates a season one trailer for Game of Thrones within Skyrim, using over 260 modifications to recreate Westeros and its dangerous inhabitants.

It's easy to see the similarities between Game of Thrones and Skyrim, as both medieval fantasy worlds feature a strong focus on dragons, politics, and satisfying, sword-filled acts of war. Popular YouTuber UpIsNotJump evidently saw the crossover potential for the two titles, as he decided to recreate a trailer for Game of Thrones' first season within the world of Skyrim, a title which remains as popular as ever even five years after its initial release.

To make things a little easier, UpIsNotJump utilized some 260 modifications from NexusMod, a website which hosts thousands of user-created modifications for the game. While he usually posts which modifications he uses in each YouTube video description, this time he skipped over doing so because of the sheer number of mods involved in the project.

Gamers can take a look at the trailer below:


The video is a pretty spot on recreation of Game of Thrones' season one trailer, although eagle-eyed gamers may ponder why a giant is casually walking around Winterfell in one of the Bran scenes – apparently, Wun Wun is ahead of schedule in the Skyrim world. UpIsNotJump also recognized that he had to trim down the scenes with prominent characters like Cersei, since he couldn't put in some characters that actually look like their respective actors. Allegedly, setting Cersei's eyes and jaw to what they look like in real life resulted in clipping issues within the game, so compromises had to be made.

Still, the above video does a great job of recreating the ambience of Game of Thrones. The Starks are still wearing their signature northern furs, Littlefinger's brothel seems as shady as ever, and Jaime Lannister looks quite majestic in his flashy Lannister armor. Those who have jumped back into the Nord's land with the Skyrim Special Edition can download all those Westeros-inspired modifications right now, though those playing from Xbox One or PS4 won't have access to the full catalogue – though that isn't to say there aren't good Skyrim console mods out there.

The above trailer is far from the first gaming video UpIsNotJump has made, so gamers interested in seeing more can check out Rick and Morty in Fallout 4, or perhaps take a gander at another trailer that the YouTuber created for Justice League.

Skyrim Special Edition is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: YouTube

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