'Game of Thrones' Patch Is Coming To Fix Choice Errors

Game of Thrones Patch

Last week we reported that many Game of Thrones fans were experiencing issues with having their choices from the first episode imported into the second. The issue was localized to the Xbox One version of the game, and it evidently took Telltale a while to troubleshoot the issue - but thankfully, the fix for Game of Thrones is finally on the way.

The second episode of the game delivers some excellent combat and incredibly intense moments over at King's Landing (read our review here), and is the landmark episode for showing how choices can directly impact results by the end of the episode. Obviously, that's a concept that requires saves to transition across the episodes - a process that we hope is more streamlined and functional in the future.

Telltale Games posted the patch progress update on their own forum, where they acknowledged the error on February 4th and then confirmed the patch fix more than week later:

We have submitted a patch to Microsoft to resolve the issue some customers have experienced where Episode One choices did not carry over into Episode Two. [...] We really appreciate everyone’s patience and hope to have you playing with your choices very soon.

The patch is expected to go live between February 20th and February 23rd, depending on how fast the approval process is. We estimated this would cause an extra delay when we first reported the issue, but it looks like it'll be a minimal one - though Xbox One customers waiting half a month extra to play the 'Lost Lords' episode can take that statement with a grain of salt.

Game of Thrones Episode 2

Players had resorted to both replaying the entire first episode, and reinstalling the whole game, but neither fix seemed to have solved the issue. The game came out for Xbox One after it was already on the PC and PS4 platforms, so further wait-time was just an insult to injury for Microsoft-based players.

Things in the HBO-licensed Telltale universe are really hitting a boiling point, though Telltale Games hasn't released anything any news about the next episode, called 'The Sword in the Darkness'. Each episode has released around the early portions of the month, so we expect the third episode will likely come out around the first week of March.

Have you been impacted by this issue? Do you think it'll happen again in the next episode?

Source: Telltale Games

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