Rumor Patrol: ‘Game of Thrones’ Screenshots Leaked

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Game of Thrones Screenshot Leak

The release date for the first episode of Game of Thrones is less than two months away, but Telltale has kept all official screenshots or videos from the game in the shadows. Though basic details about the plot were released earlier this week, the entire look of Game of Thrones has been kept secret. Today, however, an authentic-looking batch of screenshots was released from a watchdog Twitter account, and we’d be surprised if they are fake – the screenshots have the authentic Telltale look locked down.

Though the unique look of actual show cast members don’t quite mesh in as much with the usual Telltale look, the rest of the characters from the leaked images could blend in well in other Telltale episodic titles. The largest hint that the screenshots are authentic, however, is that some of the images contain the sigil of House Forrester itself. The sigil was never described in the books, and was only revealed in the first proper Telltale image less than a week ago. This means that if the screenshots were faked, they were created within a matter of days – something that doesn’t seem likely.

Check out the potential Game of Thrones screenshots for yourself here:

The screenshots also reveal the surprising inclusion of some of the main characters themselves: Cersei Lannister, Margaery Tyrell and Tyrion Lannister all make appearances. The studio hasn’t revealed if they’ve acquired the voice talents of the actual actors (Dinklage already lent his voice, for better or worse, out to Destiny this year), which would undoubtedly be an expensive casting choice for a game series. Since Telltale is using the HBO Creative License for the game, however, the chances are a little higher they would splurge for the authentic voices.

The game will be centred around the family and servants of House Forrester, who swear allegiance to House Glover in The North. Their ironwood exports from within the Wolfswood make them one of the stronger of the smaller houses, and the game will cover areas all around Westeros, even branching to Essos for part of the story. The Game of Thrones universe has an abundance of characters from all corners of the realm, so Telltale’s biggest challenge may be making the experience friendly and understandable to series newcomers.

The photos came from Xbox Live Arcade watchdog Twitter account called @Lifelower, but the actual tweet seems to have now been removed. However, since it was on the internet for more than two and a half seconds, others have copied the screenshots and the leak has spread. As of this time, Telltale hasn’t put out a comment on the screenshot leak, which seems to lend the photos some legitimacy.

What do you think about the screenshot leak, Ranters? Do you believe they’re actually from the upcoming Game of Thrones season premiere?


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