Game of Thrones fans are eagerly awaiting the next season of the popular HBO television series to continue to bring their favorite characters to life. Gamers who love George R.R. Martin’s tales of treason, treachery and warfare will soon be able to battle for the right to sit upon the Iron Throne when A Game of Thrones: Genesis is released on for PC next week. Cyanide has released a trailer which offers a look at some beautiful cut scenes and some quick shots of the real-time strategy action.

Using democracy, espionage and kidnapping, players will be able to defeat their enemies without even raising an army in this real-time strategy battle. Using these strategies help the game accurately represent the deceit-filled world that is Game of Thrones.

Cyanide previously showcased art to be used in Game of Thrones: Genesis and the trailer brings the landscapes of ‘The Wall’ and ‘Castle Black’ alive. The trailer doesn’t show off any in-depth gameplay but offers a look at armies rushing across large attractive landscapes towards massive castles. Take a look at the Game of Thrones: Genesis trailer to see what the game has to offer:


Excusing the broken music that is considerably less epic than the television show theme song, the Game of Thrones game looks somewhat promising. As dragons burn down villages, horsemen charge across countrysides on what appears to be one huge map of the whole world. Playing a real-time strategy game using diplomacy and spying in a massive area sounds a little like Civilization and that’s a good thing. If the gameplay is fleshed out with different tactics and units from the Game of Thrones world this game could definitely turn out to be something special.

The graphics are less than spectacular and without a demonstration of gameplay this trailer fans of the Game of Thrones series might be worried this game won’t bring anything fun or innovative to the table. It would be a huge disappointment to see the lore rich world created by G.R.R. Martin go to waste.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you excited for your shot at the Iron Throne?

A Game of Thrones: Genesis will be available on September 29th for PC.