Game of Thrones Episode 5 ‘A Nest of Vipers’ Trailer & Release Date

By | 1 year ago 

TellTale Games released 5 brand new screenshots for Game of Thrones Episode 5 yesterday, but purposefully kept quiet on an official release date, despite many gamers’ hopes it might follow. This period of quietness didn’t even last a full day, however, as the studio has now released both the official release date and an admittedly foreboding trailer for the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones.

Entitled ‘A Nest of Vipers’, the Dornish-sounding name feels very out of place for an episode that seems to take place everywhere except Dorne itself. Players will once again travel between locations like King’s Landing, The North, Beyond The Wall, and Meereen, as events seem to lead to a major climax, though it seems more likely than ever the next episode after this one will leave plenty of room for a second season.

Whatever conversation that Mira Forrester has with Queen Cersei can’t go that well, as the trailer reveals she will be imprisoned alongside Tyrion Lannister, whom show-watchers will recognize as having been blamed for the poisoning of Joffrey that occurred in the game’s fourth episode. It’s likely that Cersei may be using Mira to try and extract information from Tyrion, whom she firmly believes poisoned her eldest son at what is unofficially called ‘The Purple Wedding’.

TellTale Game of Thrones Wildlings

Beyond the wall, Gared Tuttle’s unlikely coming-of-age story looks like it’s setting him up to find the Northern Grove in the season finale, and provides the creepy scenery from the trailer, including a collective of wildlings. Though there weren’t any glimpse of bright-blue eyes, it wouldn’t be surprising if this was revealed to be a group of wights, which are the main reason the wilding camps have been on a full retreat towards the Wall.

Things don’t look great for Lord Rodrik either, who returned from an intense round of negotiations at Highpoint, only to discover that Ironwrath lies defenseles, with the garrison nowhere to be found and Ramsay Snow doing what he does best: instilling fear, loathing, and uncertainty in everyone around him.

Whilst the trailer makes it look like Rodrik is about to be on the receiving end of some classic Ramsay torture, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Son of Roose punishes House Whitehill for their failure in producing quality ironwood equipment as promised – remember, this is the same guy who killed his own Bolton bannermen for sport in order to play a trick on Theon Greyjoy in the HBO show.

Game of Thrones Telltale Pit Fight

It looks like Asher will, once again, be the predictable main source of combat for the episode, as he and Beshka are apparently thrown in the Meereenese Fighting Pits. Though the city may have been liberated by the Breaker of Chains herself, if there’s one thing the plot of Daenerys really exemplifies it’s that conquering and ruling are two different games entirely – and Asher is due to discover that just because Meereen is free doesn’t mean everyone is ready to change their way of life. Since Malcom wasn’t shown in the trailer, it wouldn’t be surprising if he swoops in to save the day and get his nephew out of the pits.

The fifth episode of the season is sure to be an exciting one, and with fans having waited about a month and a half for any news about A Nest of Vipers, it’s great to see that it will be releasing in such a short span after details first came out, though the inconsistent and unpredictable release schedule from TellTale Games leaves something to be desired. The studio is rapidly expanding its arsenal of episodic series, most recently with exciting properties like Minecraft and Marvel, but it’s important that fans aren’t left hanging as the studio gets bogged down by multiple productions.

Game of Thrones Episode 5: A Nest of Vipers is scheduled to release on Tuesday, July 21st for PC, PS3 and PS4. It will arrive on the 22nd for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and fans playing from iOS and Android devices will get access on the 23rd.