Easter Eggs make hundreds of clever appearances in all forms of media, be it in games, TV shows, movies, or even songs. Creators and the many, many people that work on these projects slip in tiny, often missed, references and nods to other creative works for various reasons. Most of the time, it’s simply to show that everyone pays attention to everyone else’s work, while other times it’s just to have a little fun. And what’s the harm in that?

Easter Eggs can range from the obvious thing that everyone will get, to the smallest background image that only hardcore fans will notice, or the incredibly in-depth, down-the-rabbit-hole adventure that’ll take multiple people to crack. Of course, some are easier to figure out than others.

But what do Easter Eggs have to do with Destiny and, even more surprising, Game of Thrones? Well, Bungie latest is no stranger to hiding a few fun Destiny Easter Eggs, but it would seem that the game received a small reference in last week’s Game of Thrones episode.

The reference in question (via Reddit) comes in the form of the window design seen in Tyrion Lannister’s carriage. At first glance, it just looks like a window, but upon closer inspection, it looks suspiciously similar to the Ghost that helps players during missions throughout Destiny’s world.

Game of Thrones - Tyrion staring out of window

On its face, this might seem like little more than a coincidence, except for the fact that Ghost and Tyrion Lannister are played by Peter Dinklage. The episode even has Tyrion stare directly out of the window, with the only source of light pouring through from the outside, as if the scene is trying to draw attention to it. If someone on the Game of Thrones production crew is a fan of Destiny – or just Dinklebot – they’re definitely patting themselves on the back now, if only because they managed to sneak this in.

Admittedly, this could just be what it is: a diamond shaped window, and we’re all looking too far into this. As Kotaku puts it, there aren’t that many ways to design a window. Still, Game of Thrones referencing a video game is something so weird that we kind of want it to be intentional. Let’s face it, though, even if it isn’t an Easter Egg, many are going to continue to hold on to the idea that it is.

The only thing left to do is wait and see if a future Destiny update will include a reference to Game of Thrones or Tyrion. It’s the only appropriate response.

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