'Game of Thrones' Choices Not Carrying Over on Xbox One

Game of Thrones Episode 2 Choices

Gamers are flooding the support section for Telltale's episodic Game of Thrones series, where problems with the Xbox One version of the game have left some fans unable to import their choices from the first episode to the second. It's effectively stopping plenty of gamers from playing the game at all, and with a staggering six pages of complaints on their forum, we can only hope a hotfix for the Xbox One version of Game of Thrones will be coming out in the next few days.

Telltale Games' latest title presents players with more moral dilemmas then ever, and the inability to properly import these choices into the next episode is leaving some players feeling left behind - though thankfully, not all Xbox One gamers are getting the game-breaking glitch. The second episode delivered an entertaining experience (read our review here), but that's all null and void if gamers aren't able to properly start the episode with their custom choices intact.

The affected gamers are reporting that regardless of which choices they made in the first episode, the second episode is starting as if they made the default choices, eliminating any appreciable differences. As plenty of upset fans have reported, replaying the entire season premiere won't help either - the second episode still imports the default choices. Some have even gone so far as to reinstall the entire game, but the issue is persisting for those users as well.

Game of Thrones Episode 2

It doesn't look like the error is region-locked, either - gamers are reporting the problem from all across the globe, meaning Telltale Games will face a more difficult job troubleshooting the cause of the issue. The studio has yet to comment on the glitch itself, but are more than likely aware of it by now. Frustrated gamers could expect a fix out in the next few days, though it'll likely face further delays as it goes through the Microsoft approval process.

The feeling of choice is the strongest selling point in the story-centric titles produced by Telltale Games, and its become abundantly clear that not everyone is happy with those default choices. Ser Royland being selected Sentinel is one of them, and his gruff and violent approach to most problems may not have rubbed all gamers the right way. Hopefully, those who opted for Duncan will be able to see if their choice made a difference when the glitch is fixed.

We'll keep you updated on when any official announcements for the Xbox One hotfix.

Game of Thrones just released their second episode, though the third currently has no release date. The season will six episodes long.


Source: TellTale Games


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