Game Of The Year Awards: 10 Contenders For 2019

Gamers are presented with a slew of video games every year. At the end of each year, we discuss which games took the year by storm and consumed multiple hours of our lives. These are always fun debates because of the vast range in tastes all gamers have. Some games impact players differently than others. Furthermore, each year is full of stellar games that are talked about long after their release.

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2019 was full of stellar video games and it comes to the debate on which game deserves game of the year. Recently, The Game Awards announced their nominees for the video game of the year. Their list is full of exceptional games, but it would be interesting to expand the list to ten contenders. After all, every game should be recognized for its profound impact on the gaming community.

10 Untitled Goose Game

A game that sparked numerous memes and jokes across the internet has been nominated for the best indie game. However, the game is certainly a force, or at least a goose, to be reckoned with. It features fun gameplay that is simple to learn. The art style is simplistic and colorful which gives the world a sense of quirkiness. Untitled Goose Game certainly is unique.

The goose is full of life when it flaps its wings and honks uncontrollably. Plus, the people from the game are the best enemies possible. Their reactions and the actions you are tasked with are simply funny. Untitled Goose Game is a breath of fresh air with a unique perspective.

9 Apex Legends

It is hard to believe Apex Legends came out this year. The game released very early in February and it took the world by storm. Fortnite found its worthy opponent of a free-to-play battle royale. Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind the Titanfall series, reintroduced us to the same universe in a different genre.

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Apex Legends is still widely popular. Its free-to-play feature makes the game extremely accessible to anyone with a console or PC. Additionally, the game kitbashed hero shooters and battle royales which has created a very successful game. Teams of three fight it out with their hero in order to take the top rank of the arena. It truly deserves a spot for the game of the year.

8 Control

Control is on The Game Awards' list of contenders for game of the year and it rightfully deserves it. Control is a visually stunning game in 4K, and it provides the player with an exceptional story. From the developers of Alan Wake and Quantum Break, Remedy Entertainment has created an exceptional game any player would be happy to play.

Not only is the game visually pretty and is well-written, but the combat is also very interesting. Having the ability to pick up concrete chunks to block incoming projectiles is a very unique action. Around the release of Control, there was not a lot of talk about the game so it is good to see the game is getting recognition.

7 Super Smash Bro. Ultimate

Another game award contender is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The game is arguably the largest Nintendo release this year. Fans of the series relished in its fast-paced and crowded combat. Plus, the announcement of every smash character ever returning was substantial to many. The roster of the classic fighting game was more than 80 characters with new and old mixed.

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The game also features numerous stages for players to beat each other upon. Now, you may be asking why this entry is on a list for 2019 when the game released in December of 2018. Well, games that release in December are not considered for Game of the Year nominees. So, they are given an opportunity the following year.

6 Resident Evil 2

Capcom revived a classic Resident Evil game this year with Resident Evil 2Many people believed the game to be a remaster, but the game is significantly different from its original. Capcom built the game from the ground-up. Levels and plot points have been changed so there is plenty of new content for fans of the older game.

Resident Evil 2 also revived the third person, over the shoulder horror game that was prevalent many years prior. Games such as Dead Space were influenced by such great innovation. Resident Evil 2 returns to its roots while also feeling fresh.

5 Gears 5

Most of the Gears of War games have always been solid. The original trilogy was excellent and Gears of War 4 sparked new life into the franchise. Gears 5 released in Septemeber and did not disappoint. The game is exceptionally pretty on an Xbox One X. The 4K cinematics and gameplay would make any gamer love it.

The story is also very good. It focuses on Kait who was a secondary game in the previous game. It also has a moment for the player that impacts the remaining portion of the game. It will be interesting to see where the franchise goes after this installment.

4 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

FromSoftware has returned with its familiar combat system with new iterations. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice takes place in a fictionalized version of Japan. Players follow a shinobi who is out for revenge. The game is gorgeous, as most of the games on this list are.

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Sekiro focuses on boss battles similar to Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series. This game features less role-playing elements but is an excellent game nonetheless. Its focus on exploration and stealth make it a fun and engaging game. Players are out for a challenge when playing this game of the year contender.

3 Death Stranding

The most anticipated game of this year was Death Stranding. Kojima Productions had been teasing the game for years until players got their hands on the game earlier this month. Regardless of whether you like Death Stranding or not, it is certainly a controversial game. The game features an A-list cast of characters unlike any other video game on this list.

Many have praised its tedious tasks as soothing or evolution of previous games. Its position as a contender for game of the year is also debatable. However, there is no denying the game was highly anticipated by a profound game developer.

2 The Outer Worlds

Obsidian has returned to its Fallout New Vegas roots with The Outer Worlds. It is a smaller game compared to other role-playing games, but there is still plenty to do. Players are able to create their own character in extensive character creation and put points into areas that would show up on a Dungeons and Dragons sheet.

The game lets you play the way you want to which is sounds indicative of common RPGs but The Outer Worlds does it differently. A single decision does not branch off into only two options, there are multiple others in this game which makes it extremely replayable.

1 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is not nominated for an award at The Game Awards because of its late release. However, the game certainly deserves a spot in the game of the year contenders. The game is the best Star Wars game we have received in a long time. It is finally nice to have a single-player action-adventure Star Wars game.

It also helps that the story and characters are also interesting. Plus, who doesn't want BD droid?!? Anyway, Fallen Order is a great game with several great features. The combat is smooth and the progression system is reminiscent of other action-adventure games. Jedi: Fallen Order deserves a game of the year nomination.

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