Next-Gen Multiplatform Title Slated for February Game Informer Cover

By | 3 years ago 

While gamers know that 2014 will be the year the next-gen firmly establishes itself through a diverse selection of platform exclusive IPs, the year is also just beginning and therefore full of mystery. What games might we see release in the year, and what games will developers unveil for an early 2015 release?

Obviously, E3 2014 will be ground zero for all of the juicy next-gen announcements, but it likely won’t be the only place. In fact, one next-gen announcement is right around the corner.

As revealed by Game Informer‘s Andy McNamara earlier today, the popular publication has an exciting cover revealed planned for tomorrow. McNamara wouldn’t give too many clues, but he did say the title revealed will be next-gen only and that gamers will “flip out” over it.

After his brief tease, McNamara also confirmed that the cover reveal would include platform confirmations for the game. In other words, the title could easily be a platform exclusive.

So, given what we know about this mystery game, the question then becomes: what are the likely candidates? In that regard, McNamara responded to one fan saying that God of War, Gears of War, and Half-Life 3 are out, but went silent after that.

Earlier today, there was talk of the next entry in the Halo franchise, but we already know that game is on the way so that possibility isn’t terribly exciting. That being said, Master Chief’s next chapter would be a great game to finally learn more about, but we suspect Microsoft is saving a full reveal for their E3 2014 Press Conference.

Uncharted PS4 Teaser Trailer

Similarly, although we would love to find out more about Uncharted 4, and whether or not Nathan Drake is returning as our hero, we would be surprised if Sony didn’t break the news themselves.

One possibility that seems to be gaining traction among major publications is Evolve, the forthcoming multiplayer title from Turtle Rock Studios. Evolve was one of the titles that ended up transferring publishers after THQ went bankrupt, and it could conceivably be ready for a full reveal. Moreover, Turtle Rock’s Community Manager Josh Olin teased that, “exciting times are fast approaching.”

Although there are some clear candidates for the cover reveal, which will take place at 11AM CST, there are no certainties. We might be willing to guess Fallout 4 has a chance of making the cover, as that sequel ranks pretty high on gamers’ most anticipated list. That said, Evolve does make the most sense, but is it big enough for gamers to “flip out” over?

What do you think Game Informer’s cover reveal will be? What you like to see a next-gen sequel or a new IP?

Source: Twitter — Andy McNamara