‘Pokemon’ Developer Teases Big ‘Collaboration’ Project

By | 3 years ago 

When gamers namedrop esteemed developer Game Freak, a majority of consumers are instantly reminded of the Pokemon franchise. Game Freak has been responsible for the development of every core Pocket Monster title to ever exist, and it’s currently hard at work on the highly anticipated Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Despite being preoccupied with those titles, however, it appears the dev has enough resources to work on yet another game.

Appearing on Game Freak’s own site is a silhouette (which is oddly reminiscent of the ‘Who’s That Pokemon’ segment from the anime) and the promise of a “surprising collaboration.” The figure that appears in the teaser image doesn’t look like any of the currently known Pokemon, which begs the question of whether or not this is even a Pocket Monster title to begin with.

Despite the uncertainty that the image raises, the text accompanying it gives a little more insight into the product being teased:

“A classic game that’s played all over the world will be reborn in a surprising collaboration.”

If a “classic game that’s played all over the world” doesn’t reek of Pokemon then I’m not sure what does. Game Freak has developed other games in the past, Drill Dozer and HarmoKnight being the biggest, but the real question is just what the developer is collaborating on. The Pokemon series has crossed paths with the likes of Nobunaga’s Ambition in the past, which was a rather random pairing, so it’s hard to tell just what is in store for fans of the esteemed developer.

Pokemon X Digimon? Pokemon X Harvest Moon? Heck, maybe even a Pokemon/EarthBound crossover is possible now that Ness and friends have made their triumphant return to Europe and North America on the Wii U Virtual Console. Only time will tell what Game Freak has planned for one of its franchises, and the teaser indicates that more information will be “coming soon.” With that in mind, stay tuned to Game Rant for more details on Game Freak’s mystery game.

What do you think this “surprising collaboration” could be, Ranters?

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Source: Game Freak (via IGN)