Game Breaking ‘Pokemon X’ & ‘Y’ Glitch Being Patched

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Much to the surprise of nobody, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have been a smashing success for Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. After moving a combined total of four million copies in the first two days, Game Freak likely thought it was smooth sailing for the titles from there on out; only revisiting the games to offer players special event Pokemon like the currently available Torchic. Fans were quick to point out, however, that this isn’t the case.

Players have discovered a game breaking bug that occurs when trainers save their game in Lumiose City. Only occurring occasionally, saving Pokemon X or Y within the city can corrupt the user’s save data. When this happens, players are forced to reset their games in order to once more play. Obviously this is a huge problem for all four million of the fans who grabbed copies at launch, and that’s why Nintendo has announced that a patch is in the works to address the problem.

Confirmed via the Big N’s official Japanese website, the patch is said to be arriving in a “few days,” although it could arrive even sooner if the developers are diligent enough. While Game Freak is busy locating the code responsible for the issue, Nintendo has released a map highlighting the areas that aren’t safe for players to save their game. Highlighting the troubled areas in blue, Ninty is recommending that users save in buildings while traveling through Lumiose City in order to avoid the bug altogether.

Pokemon X Y Lumiose City Save GlitchIt’s always a bummer when glitches as significant as this slip through the cracks during development, but the speedy response should assure that a majority of gamers aren’t affected. If any readers have fallen victim to the glitch, they should know that some gamers are reporting that there’s a work around. Allegedly users can load up their game, wait for the music to start playing, and then begin mashing the ‘Home’ button until it works.

Some reports claim that users were mashing the ‘Home’ button on the 3DS for up to 5 minutes before the the game would work again. This method is not even remotely sanctioned by Nintendo so players can utilize it at their own risk, but if users are really in a jam then it may be a quick means of getting Pokemon X or Y to work again.

Were you affected by this glitch in Pokemon X and Y, Ranters?

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Source: Nintendo & Reddit (via NintendoLife & Destructoid)