The Game Awards 2018 Confirmed for December 6

The Game Awards 2018 date details

While the likes of E3 and Gamescom are the biggest games industry events on the block, Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards is quickly establishing itself as a major event on the games industry calendar. In past years, The Game Awards has been home to huge gaming announcements including the reveal of an impressive Death Stranding trailer.

This year, The Game Awards will be returning, and will likely feature many more massive announcements that will get people talking. In a tweet, the event's organizer and host Geoff Keighley confirmed that The Game Awards 2018 will be taking place on December 6 and tickets to the event will go on sale on Friday, June 8 at Keighley didn't offer any specifics about what will be included in the event (he is likely still hammering out the details) but he "can't wait" to celebrate the industry. The host also promises to "work as hard as I can to make it a great night for all of us!"

As mentioned, some of the biggest gaming reveals have been at The Game Awards. For example, at The Game Awards 2017, it was officially confirmed that Bayonetta 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch, along with the reveal of Switch versions of the first two Bayonetta titles. PUBG Corp was also on hand to announce the Xbox One release date for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, while major titles such as Metro Exodus, Sea of Thieves, and Dreams were all featured. Even Bloodborne and Dark Souls developer FromSoftware made a surprise appearance during the event.

Undoubtedly, fans of Keighley's reveal bonanza will be hoping for more of this kind of thing. The event may be called The Game Awards, but the actual ceremony is considered by many as the side dish to all of the reveals. E3 2018 is set to feature big news about games like The Last of Us Part 2, Crackdown 3, Anthem and all sorts of unannounced titles that people don't know about yet so perhaps The Game Awards 2018 can offer more tidbits about all of these.

Moreover, many will have their fingers crossed for more moments such as A Way Out developer Josef Fares' passionate defense of publisher EA and his bashing of the Oscars, which included a rather humorous f-bomb. Fares' comments did the rounds on social media at the time and the replies to Keighley's The Game Awards 2018 tweet mentioned the iconic moment several times too. While there's no guarantee that more standout moments like this will happen at this year's event, plenty of people will be tuning in on December 6 to find out.

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