Geoff Keighley teases that new and never before seen gameplay footage for Far Cry Primal and Quantum Break will be shown at The Game Awards 2015 on December 3.

As expected, Geoff Keighley’s annual Game Awards 2015 promises to be packed with reveals and new trailers when the show kicks off on December 3. While Keighley likes keeping his cards close to his chest, he has started to tease a number of reveals for the show including an appearance by Shawn Ashmore, who plays the lead character in the Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break. Ashmore will be on hand to reveal brand new footage never before seen from the time bending action title.

Not only that, the official Game Awards Twitter account posted another teaser video which mentions Far Cry Primal specifically. In the teaser, Geoof Keighley confirms that fans will be seeing the first ever gameplay for the upcoming Far Cry Primal. Currently, little is known about the game outside of the fact that players will be using primitive weapons such as bows, spears, and other Stone Age tools to survive against extinct animals while stranded in a valley called Oros. With the Far Cry franchise making a major change in scenery, fans are very excited to see how this change will alter the usual gameplay.

The Game Awards 2015 is set to begin on Thursday December 3 at 9p ET/ 6p PT and can be viewed from Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, from the WiiU, and various other internet sites and streaming networks.

2015 will mark the second ever Game Awards ceremony, replacing the previous and sometimes awkward Spike VGX Awards show which never quite found its footing with a mainstream audience. The Game Awards proved last year that moving exclusively online and focusing solely on video games was a wise move as nearly 2 million people tuned in, marking a 75% increase in viewership. The interesting aspect about this number is that The Game Awards wasn’t televised and had little-to know marketing budget, relying solely on word of mouth and viral advertising.

Though due out in February 2016, Far Cry Primal has had little time in the spotlight. Revealed two months ago in a long teased trailer, Far Cry Primal takes the long running series way back into the Stone Age, where lead character, Takkar, must survive against predators such as the woolly mammoth, sabretooth tiger, and even other humans. So far, the CG trailer is the only piece of footage gamers have seen of the game.

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