Gabe Newell Personally Teases (or Trolls) 'Half-Life 3' Fans [Updated]

Gabe Newell Teases Half-Life 3

Valve's Gabe "What's Half-Life 3" Newell is at it again. The game that has been confirmed as being in development by just about everyone (save for the developers themselves) has been teased mercilessly over the last few years - and this time things are getting a lot more, shall we say, pointed.

An image has caught fire on Reddit depicting the company's head honcho dual wielding a vicious pair of hunting knifes and looking rather bloodthirsty. While that might be a typical day at the office for Mr. Newell (who knows), the monitor behind him is conveniently displaying a logo that reads, "Half-Life 3." [Update] The photo itself is real, but the Reddit user superimposed the HL:3 logo onto the monitor.

Check out the image of Newell below:

Gabe Newell Teases Half-Life 3

This isn't first time (and I'll bet one of those knives that it won't be the last) that Valve has been accused of stoking the Half-Life 3 fires. The company has an encyclopedic history of unorthodox news breaking and, up until recently, has salaciously teased fans about developing a "Half-Life 2: Episode 3."

However, as more and more time drags on, those rumors have shifted to focus on a full-fledged Half-Life 3. We've seen everything from an alleged Valve employee rocking a Half-Life 3 t-shirt in December, rumored Steam achievements the following week, to the short-lived hope that Newell was sending e-mails confirming a Half-Life 3 announcement at 2012's E3. Yet, just as the pot was seemingly being stirred to an overflow, Valve addressed the community on December 28 stating that these rumors, and many, many more, were inherently false.

Fast forward two weeks and here's Gabe Newell posing with a pair of knives in front of a Half-Life 3 logo. Incredible. Is he having a change of heart, or is he just trying to cut out ours - or both? Quite frankly, it's a testament to the genius of Valve that, at this point, we have absolutely no idea.

Of course, you wouldn't expect us to stop guessing, would you? Here's a few possible explanations for the recent development:


  • (a) The photo is fake — Reddit has hacked into the Pentagon and acquired a top secret Photoshop mod. The Internet will soon devour itself whole.
  • (b) The photo is a tell-all reveal. Half Life 3 will be announced by the end of January and star Gabe Newell as he duel wields knives through offices and dodges exercise balls. A demo will be released on Steam in February.
  • (c) The photo means nothing. The “3” portion of the logo is actually a(n) (in)convenient ice cream spill. Half-Life 3 is an aberration of the mind that never existed. Gabe Newell is a troll.
  • (d) The photo is a modest tease. Half-Life 3 is already underway and will likely be announced at some point in 2012 or 2013 — likely at E3. The knives, as given away by the third one behind Newell’s left arm, are various prototypes being considered for the game. Valve just has their own fun, yet maniacal, ways of getting us ready. Gabe Newell is still a troll — but a loveable one at that.

[Update] It's pretty close to (a) - just without the advanced technology.

In all seriousness, the knives do look eerily similar to the combat knife featured in Half-Life: Opposing Force:

Whatever is in the cards for Valve and Half-Life 3, it's no secret that the series maintains a titanic legion of passionate fans. Seeing that it's been more than seven years since the release of Half-Life 2 and almost five since Episode 2, any news or glimmer of hope for another installment is sure to off an alarm. Valve and Gabe Newell have an awesome sense of humor about their games and the following they've cultivated, but some teases, when taken too far, might provoke a mutiny.

Ranters, what do you think about Gabe Newell's recent tease? Is this the sign that Half-Life 3 is finally coming or is it more tomfoolery? Should Valve be making such overtures to fans even if they hold no meaning?


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Source: Reddit

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