GR Pick: Gritty Mario Short Film 'Kart Driver' is NSFW

G4 Film Festival Drew Daywalt Kart Driver

When any variation of everyone's favorite mushroom enhanced plumber gets a live-action treatment, his life can be turned into a very gritty story — unless of course you count Bob Hoskins' 1993 film, Super Mario Bros. Kart Driver, showcased in G4 Films Epictober Film Fest, brings you Mario like you've never seen before.

Director and co-writer, Drew Daywalt, had help from G4's own Stephen Johnson to push the envelope of video game adaptation short films to create one terrific tale. Kart Driver pays homage to Mario's first love interest, Pauline from Donkey Kong. There are many great easter eggs throughout this short film that any seasoned gamer would be able to recognize.

Daywalt is the founding member of Fewdio Horror, but has since gone on to work with FEARnet and direct a series of horror short films that can be seen on Daywalt's YouTube Channel. He has also directed a few episodes of MTV's Death Valley horror-comedy television series. His horror influence and sadistic style are very prevalent throughout Kart Driver and the synopsis of the film only touches on the surface:

"Fury and obsession leads a heroic plumber to seek out and bring home his damsel in distress, even if it means facing off with a creature from the very bowels of hell."

Can Mario save the day or will all of his hard work be in vain? Check out Drew Daywalt's short film, Kart Driver below:


G4TV's Epictober Film Festival is being overseen by none other than Director Joe Lynch (Knights of Badassdom, Chillerama, Wrong Turn 2). There are two more films in the festival, including dark adaptations of Angry Birds and Duck Hunt. To watch the other two films head over to G4TV.

Check out the movie poster for the short film below (click to enlarge the image):

Drew Daywalt Kart Driver Poster

Do you like this new gritty Mario? How does it compare to what Game Rant presented earlier this month, Mr. Kong, a faux movie trailer also based on the video game Donkey Kong? If you check out the other two films in the fest, let us know what you think.


Source: G4TV

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