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It seems our benevolent overlords at Microsoft are keen on implementing their various technologies throughout the healthcare industry as well as our homes and businesses.

Wait.  I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no; surgeons won’t be talking smack over Xbox Live during surgery, and Milo won’t be throwing scuba goggles at nurses while they take your vitals.

Speaking at Microsoft’s forum on healthcare technology in Beijing, Desney Tan, a senior researcher at Microsoft Research discussed the approach Microsoft is taking in improving health-care.

For some time now, Microsoft Research, the main R&D arm of Seattle’s finest institution, have been busily working on unconventional uses of existing Microsoft technologies at all levels within the health care industry, focusing primarily on a more user-friendly patient experience, and streamlining the flow of medical information.

Using Windows Mobile-powered cellphones and Surface devices in conjunction with applications like HealthVault and MyLife, Microsoft has been working toward a very user-friendly, and somewhat futuristic, approach to after-patient care.

But Microsoft isn’t content simply enriching the lives of patients once they’ve left the hospital. They are working towards harnessing the raw, beastly powers of the Xbox 360 console, which is more powerful and less costly than actual computers used in hospitals today, having them handle patient record keeping and visualization of information.  This will provide patients with their own on-demand medical stats, instruct them on how to care for themselves away from the hospital, and even provide in-room entertainment in the form of, you guessed it, gesture-based games. Add to this, their willingness to implement creepy, Milo-like face recognition, so that when a doctor walks in your room, it recognizes him or her and changes the display to render a more thorough patient history and doctor’s notes.

So there you have it.  Not so much all-night Halo 3 clan matches in the swine-flu ward, but instead, Natal-powered user-friendly interfacing for patients and physicians alike.  As much as we may deride Microsoft for their RROD’s, E74’s, and BSOD’s, here at GameRant we can’t help but applaud their passion for technology, and their mission to improve that technology to enrich people’s lives in this way.  Let’s just hope the nurses are familiar with the towel trick.

Source: Yahoo

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