Blizzard Teases Future Overwatch DLC and Events


Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime teases more Overwatch seasonal events after telling investors that the game's Halloween Terror and Summer Games events were "a great model."

The slightly premature ending of Overwatch's Halloween event earlier this week may have upset some fans, but overall, there's no question that Blizzard has figured out a winning formula for its fastest-selling game ever. Overwatch's two in-game events, Halloween Terror and the Summer Games, have clearly provided Blizzard with a successful blueprint for future DLC.

That was the message Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime shared with investors during an earnings call on Thursday. Morhaime said both events were a major hit with players and added that Blizzard is working on other additions to Overwatch that will be announced soon.

"The two events that we've had so far have shown us we have a great model for follow-on content," Morhaime explained. "We've found that it stimulates our audience and drives record engagement, so you should expect to see more events, like summer games and Halloween, and additional content, which we'll discuss in more detail later. We're very excited about the prospects for the future."

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Chances are that fans will get a glimpse of that future sometime today. BlizzCon 2016 has technically already started with multiple esports battles getting underway in the past week, and the official BlizzCon opening ceremony began at 11 a.m. PST on Friday. Blizzard traditionally uses the ceremony to make its biggest announcements, and this year saw the official reveal of Sombra.

Many Overwatch fans were hoping that Blizzard would use its annual convention to finally reveal the then-unannounced character Sombra, after being part of a long-running ARG that started this summer. What appeared to be Overwatch artwork for Sombra leaked earlier this week, and now the character is officially on the table. There's no doubt more news to come, too.

To that end, Morhaime did tease during the earnings call that Blizzard intends to talk more about Overwatch's competitive gaming scene this weekend. Could we be getting some big news on a new Blizzard-sanctioned Overwatch tournament?

As for the next Overwatch seasonal event, many fans have already started speculating that the title could receive another update sometime in the next month or so that would celebrate Christmas and other December holidays. Blizzard has traditionally released Christmas-themed content in its other games over the years, like World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.  The opportunity for Blizzard's artists to draw a Santa Claus skin for Winston or a Mrs. Claus skin for Tracer already has fans on Reddit and elsewhere drooling about the cosplay possibilities.

Of course, any new seasonal event will also give Overwatch's game designers a chance to come up with a new Tavern Brawl as well. Both Lucioball and Junkenstein's Revenge proved incredibly popular with the player base.

Overwatch is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Gamespot

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