While most figured that Black Ops DLC map pack onslaught would end with the recently released (for the Xbox 360) Annihilation, it looks like Treyarch might have at least one more surprise in store for gamers.

According to Black Ops’ design director, when asked if Annihilation would be the last map pack, gamers should keep their eyes peeled for more information in the weeks to come. Whether or not this means that more map packs are on the way is unclear, but obviously something worthwhile is in the pipeline.

Though most figured that the map pack offerings for Black Ops would end some time before the big push to promote Modern Warfare 3, it wouldn’t be unexpected for Treyarch to continue DLC support in conjunction with the Call of Duty Elite beta. It’s just unfortunate that Treyarch is being so coy about confirming whether or not more map packs are on the way.

Digital Spy posed the question to design director David Vonderhaar about future Black Ops DLC, who had this to say:

“I can’t talk to anything beyond ‘Annihilation’, but keep your eyes peeled…”

Set to begin early next month, the Call of Duty Elite beta promises a ton of stat tracking features as well as detailed layouts of each and every Black Ops map — hopefully DLC packs included. Since some figure that the pay element, also known as only 10% of Elite, would involve map packs, it would make sense that Elite and Black Ops might partner up for one more downloadable release.

But, of course, this could just be some sort of bonus grab bag rather than a fully-fledged series of multiplayer maps and a zombie mission. Treyarch could be perhaps crafting some sort of bundle of all previous released DLC (First Strike, Escalation, and Annihilation) in the hopes that gamers who were holding out for this type of package deal will finally buckle, and fork over the cash.

We suspect gamers will know more around the time the Elite beta begins, so keep peeled to Game Rant for more information, but, until then, enjoy Annihilation.

Would you rather Activision put their focus into Call of Duty Elite and Modern Warfare 3? Or would you prefer continued support in the form of DLC map packs for Black Ops?

Source: Digital Spy