When Insomniac Games fully unveiled Fuse this week, there was a distinct fan outcry. The game, once known as Overstrike, had undergone a major visual change shedding a stylized artstyle for a more realistic aesthetic. Insomniac said to wait for the game’s first trailer, which had been delayed due to legal conflicts.

Now that the trailer’s been released, let’s just go ahead and say it: Fuse is looking good.

If there’s one thing Insomniac Games is known for, it’s over the top weaponry, and this trailer delivers in that regard. Some of the weapons are reminiscent of past Insomniac titles, such as Dalton’s Magshield (pictured below) which shares similarities with the Wraith from Resistance 2. Other weapons include a crossbow that incinerates enemies with mercury bolts, or the Shatter Gun which can be used to impale a group of enemies.

First Fuse Trailer Released

Unfortunately, while the game does look good – both in terms of visuals and gameplay – there is still some strong fan outcry about the aesthetic changes. As Overstrike, the game’s initial trailer revealed a style and charm similar to that of past Insomniac titles, however, the first Fuse screenshots showed a game that appeared to be more in line with recent military shooters. Fans aren’t happy, and at the time of this writing, the trailer has garnered 484 dislikes on the Fuse YouTube page, versus 316 likes.

Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price addressed fan concerns in the latest Insomniac Games newsletter, stating that while the title’s art style has changed, Fuse has not lost its humor. The more grounded art style also allows Insomniac to “really let loose” with weaponry.

“You’ll probably notice too that the game is less cartoony than what we showed in 2011. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of humor in the game but it’s of a darker quality. And there’s plenty of story to experience too. You’ll learn a lot about Dalton, Izzy, Jacob and Naya and the struggles they experience as you play through the game’s story-driven campaign.”

Needless to say, fans are still skeptical, especially as the trailer only focused on action shots rather than the humor Insomniac is known for. We’re still optimistic about the game, because while the trailer may not be representative of Insomniac’s comic abilities, it does show that they haven’t lost touch when it comes to great weapons and smooth gameplay.

Fuse releases in March 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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