Fumito Ueda Is Still Working On 'The Last Guardian'

Fumito Ueda Working Hard On The Last Guardian

One thing that Team Ico can take to their respective graves is that they are almost partly responsible for video games gaining recognition as an art form. Both of their titles, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, have been recognized as two of the greatest games ever created - for their unique play styles, basic yet deep stories, and stunning visuals. So, naturally, when The Last Guardian was announced, everyone was excited and already claiming it could be one of the best games on the PS3.

To say that the game has gone through a serious string of bad luck, though, would be a large understatement. First the game, along with the Team Ico Collection, was delayed. Then there was a non-appearance by The Last Guardian at the Tokyo Game Show this year. But worst of all were the rumours that started going around that Fumito Ueda himself had left Sony, effectively putting the development of the game in jeopardy.

Luckily, those who were worried about the title's future can rest easy, as Fumito Ueda reassured gamers via his Twitter page that he was still working hard on The Last Guardian. He didn't address the over-arching rumors in any fashion, though, so there is still a lot left to speculation.

Some of the people on his Twitter account suggested the possibility that he was now working freelance to complete the game. While he neither confirmed or denied, if there is any truth to the stories, it would pretty much have to be the case - if the game were to ever see the light of day. All Ueda mentioned was that the tenth anniversary of Ico was coming up on December 6th.

Adding to the questions is the fact that Ueda was supposed to do press and show The Last Guardian at the Game Developer's Conference but, for some reason, plans were cancelled at the last minute. This seems to only further support the story that Ueda and Sony have parted ways, but with no information coming from either side, we can only guess. Regardless, it seems as though no matter what, The Last Guardian will likely be completed.

The Last Guardian's release date is still currently unknown, but it will arrive on the PS3.

Source: Fumito Ueda [via SiliconEra]

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