It looks like the next mobile game rumored to be on its way to an HD console comes with promising evidence to support the reality. Halfbrick‘s Fruit Ninja might just be on its way to the Xbox 360, thanks to a find within Korea’s version of the ESRB, the Games Rating Board.

Korea’s GRB has a rating for a title called Fruit Ninja Kinect, basically confirming the existence of the game. In addition to its likely console port, it seems it will also tout Kinect support, an obviously perfect match for the gameplay.

Nothing has been officially announced, so there aren’t any screenshots, trailers or word about the gameplay specifics. Odds are it won’t look much different than its mobile counterparts save some potential scaling and graphical updates, though there could be additional features that take advantage of the more powerful platform.

There also is no word about the gameplay as of yet. Being it will be Fruit Ninja on Kinect, the obvious is that the slicing will be controlled by your arm. It will be interesting to see how responsive the slicing is, especially when activating modes like “fruit frenzy” or how the accuracy will play when avoiding the falling bombs. It will also be interesting to see if they will incorporate any multiplayer mode, local or online.

Whatever the gameplay looks like, it shouldn’t be too far off from this virtual reality hack of the game:


Being that Fruit Ninja is already on Windows Phone 7, it’s a safe bet that owners of the devices will have an extra perk with the Xbox Live tie-in. There are a few games in the XBLA library which have Windows Phone 7 versions that combine stats, achievements and progress. All the game would need is an update to support the cross-platform benefits so players can progress their game on the go.

As mentioned before, there has been no official announcement, so a release date is not yet known. Fruit Ninja is, however, available now on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 app stores.

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Source: Siliconera