While the biggest news to come from the 30th anniversary of ’80s classic Ghostbusters might be the confirmation earlier this month that Paul Feig will helm its all-female reboot, celebrations of the cult movie’s lasting appeal have been going on all year. From a brief return to theaters to a re-release of its theme song on marshmallow-scented vinyl, there’s been plenty for fans to enjoy — and now the franchise is crossing streams with popular mobile game Fruit Ninja.

Ditching katanas for Proton Packs and the traditional black get-up for a Ghostbusters uniform, just about everything in the game has been given a paranormal twist — even the fruit itself has a haunted glow of inedibility about it. While this could have easily been a shallow and superficial bit of cross-promotion, the developers at Halfbrick have imbued the update with the same care that has propelled them to great acclaim in the past.

It’s perhaps no surprise that the studio is home to some Ghostbusters fans, given the way that previous titles like Jetpack Joyride riff on cult ’80s cinema. Fellow ectoplasm enthusiasts will be satisfied by some of the less obvious references that the team have worked in; for one, the setting of the update is the abandoned Pneumatic Railroad that was featured in Ghostbusters II.

Fruit Ninja Gets Ghostbusters Update Header

Of course, all the big hitters that you would expect from such a quotable title are hear; not least the ability to ‘cross the streams’, despite Egon’s warnings otherwise. Doing so in Fruit Ninja will perform a screen-clearing attack sure to rack up a huge amount of points and chopped fruit — as you might expect from a technique powerful enough to destroy the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Ghostbusters has been adapted as a video game before, but never to any great success.  A third-person shooter released in 2009 failed to live up to its potential, and the top-down downloadable title Sanctum of Slime failed to do much better with critics or fans. Fruit Ninja, on the other hand, has been well-received in its various incarnations, so it might just be the best shot at a fun Ghostbusters game that fans have for the time being. However, despite the success of the Kinect version of Fruit Ninja, this content will only be available for its mobile iterations.

The free Ghostbusters update for Fruit Ninja is available on mobile devices via the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.