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From Software Dark Fantasy RPG Job Listing

At the Game Awards, From Software revealed a teaser for its next development project. The Japanese developer, best known for the Armored Core series, Souls series, and Bloodborne, has previously developed games for the Dreamcast all the way to the Nintendo Switch. This game may be the rumored dark fantasy 3D RPG From Software was previously reported to be hiring for, yet it is worth noting that it was only a rumor.

From Software’s newest tease is just that: a tease. Lasting only twenty-nine seconds, the reveal offers a concrete image and a potential slogan. The image appears to be a turning apparatus of some fashion. It looks like a key, but it could also be a weapon or any number of things. It does appear, however, to be made of metal and bone surrounding a red, potentially bloodstained, core.

In the background, there appears to be some form of strange writing. It is dimly lit as if by a nearby fire. Something is stabbed into the wall, and it appears to be a chisel. This image might suggest the level of technology related to the game. As the image fades into black, the apparent slogan appears, reading “Shadows Die Twice.” See the new teaser here:

Fans of the Armored Core series, Souls series, and Bloodborne may highly anticipate this game. The teaser appears to be thematically reminiscent of Dark Souls, which recently received an amusing animation featuring it and CupheadIf the teaser is any indication, the game may share similarities with the highly-acclaimed series. This seems even more likely if this game is the previously rumored dark fantasy RPG. Perhaps, however, it won’t be as difficult.

For now, the new game has no title or release window. Considering From Software revealed it had no “intention of ending the Armored Core series in its current state,” it may be some time before this game comes to fruition. Whether or not it does relate to Dark Souls or is the previously rumored game remains to be seen; however, this teaser suggests numerous possibilities, which may excite Dark Souls’ many fans.

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