A leaked lineup reel reveals possible details about the next From Software game, with the developer’s next project potentially available on PlayStation VR.

With the Dark Souls series now reaching its conclusion through the release of Dark Souls III, many fans of the franchise are wondering exactly where developer From Software will go next. However, the acclaimed studio may have accidentally revealed more about its next project than initially planned. An unlisted YouTube video from the developer has been discovered, which suggests that From Software’s next game will be available on PlayStation VR.

The video, which is up on the official From Software YouTube channel, was originally posted by the developer back on April 14. Titled ‘FROMSOFWARE_LineUp for Recruit,’ it’s extremely unlikely that this unlisted video was meant for public consumption just yet. Nonetheless, that has not stopped the footage from being discovered.

This upload runs the viewer through a brief history of From Software’s games, from King’s Field and Armored Core on the original PlayStation through to the Dark Souls games of the previous two console generations. It’s what gets revealed at the end of the video that will get players talking, however. A listing for 2017 suggests that the developer’s next project, which is yet to receive a name, will be available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation VR. Those interested in checking out the video can do so below.

Just this week, the director of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Hidetaka Miyazaki, discussed the developer’s next project, and it certainly sounded like From Software was going to be working on something fresh. “Rather than make another sequel, I think it’s time we take a step in the new direction,” said Miyazaki. Although platform details were not confirmed at that time, it follows on from Sony’s suggestions earlier in the year that From Software could eventually create a game for the headset – and this new video seems to confirm those reports.

A move to PlayStation VR would certainly be an interesting one, and could help add even more variety to the peripheral’s library of games. With the likes of Star Wars Battlefront VR and Tekken 7 already confirmed for PlayStation VR, From Software could help make the headset even more enticing to potential adopters. Miyazaki is far from the only beloved director interested in Sony’s upcoming peripheral, either, with Hideo Kojima also expressing excitement over VR development.

Should this lineup video turn out to be accurate, however, there is no guarantee that From Software’s next game will follow the formula set by its most recent releases. After all, the developer has a long history in making mech-based games, and what could be more immersive for a VR headset wearer than a game focusing on exactly that setting? Only time will tell, but this From Software project could end up as a real boon for PlayStation VR.

Source: YouTube (via Reddit)