From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki reveals that the developer has three games in development, suggesting that one may be a return to the Armored Core franchise.

Since the game’s release, Dark Souls III has proved to be a game with plenty of longevity for fans. Be it down to the high difficulty level, or the sheer quantity of different secrets to unlock and maze-like pathways to explore, the From Software action RPG is still going strong in terms of players. The developer itself, however, is already looking forward to future games, and it has now been confirmed that there are already more projects¬†on the way.

This news was revealed by From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki, in an interview with 4Gamer (with a translation coming courtesy of NeoGAF). In the interview, Miyazaki confirmed that From Software actually has three games in development right now. As it stands, the developer is far from resting on its laurels after the success of Dark Souls III.

The From Software president was also able to give a few details on exactly what the developer has planned. It may come as no surprise to learn that From Software is looking at another action RPG with a dark fantasy setting – after all, Dark Souls III has shipped over 3 million units worldwide, and more success in a similar genre is bound to be an enticing prospect. However, the studio is also apparently looking away from this tried-and-tested formula, with “something different” from what the developer normally tackles.


The final game, however, may see From Software return to one of the franchises that first helped it make its mark on the video game world. Miyazaki has teased that the third game in development could actually be another game in the Armored Core series. The mech-based action series has long been one of From Software’s most memorable series, and fans would no doubt love to hear that another Armored Core game is in the works.

Another Armored Core game would certainly fit with some of the information known about From Software’s in-development titles up to this point. Earlier this year, an unlisted YouTube video was discovered that pointed towards a From Software title that is set to be released for PlayStation VR. The prospect of a mech-based game with virtual reality mechanics is something that many video game fans would have been dreaming of for decades. Of course, this virtual reality game could also point towards “something different” from the developer.

Whatever is going on behind the scenes, it’s clear that From Software decided it needed to bring in a little extra firepower. The developer was hiring for new positions just weeks ago, with suggestions that these new staff would be working on a new IP, which could point towards one of these new games. Hopefully, it won’t be long now before all is revealed.

Source: 4Gamer