Rumor: Dark Souls Dev's New Game Has Three Playable Characters, Is Set During '100 Year Civil War'

from software new game leak e3 2019

As E3 2019 approaches, the rumor mill is beginning to turn at top speed, and speculation about what the developers in attendance will share is starting to run rampant. Some of this speculation has been focused on From Software, the developer behind the Dark Souls series and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and a recent rumor indicates that From Software does have a new game to show at E3. Now, another "leak" looks to take this rumor one step further, providing details on the supposed From Software E3 2019 offering.

Specifically, the leak indicates that From Software's next game is a "dark, medieval fantasy ARPG," and a "spiritual successor to Dark Souls." While the developer has reportedly been working on an RPG in a dark fantasy setting since just after the release of Dark Souls 3, the leak builds further on this idea, stating that From Software's new game is set in a kingdom in the midst of a "100 year civil war."

Furthermore, the From Software leak claims that the title has a Norse theme, with frost giants and draugr, and it begins following the disappearance of the kingdom's knights, who have gone out in search of "an artifact to give them an upper hand in the wars to come." That is, all of the knights have gone missing in From Software's next game except for the one that is controlled by the player.

from software new game leak e3 2019

This playable character is detailed further in the From Software leak, and it is said that players will select it from three unique options: "a hunter with a longbow, a warrior with a great shield and a giant club, and a wizard who can cast sorceresses [sic] out of a magic book." It is stated that this selection will have major ramifications, as each character will give players access to "unique enemies and locations."

Additionally, it is said that the director for the next From Software game is Yui Tanimura, and Hidetaka Miyazaki will co-direct. The From Software leak also states that the game will have cooperative and competitive multiplayer, will be multi-platform, and will be built using Unreal Engine. Notably, the first two claims were indicated in the aforementioned From Software E3 2019 rumor, and the company has recently confirmed its interest in learning Unreal Engine.

from software new game leak e3 2019

It is important to mention that this From Software rumor originates from 4chan, and must thus be approached with extreme skepticism. That said, it does align with the previous From Software E3 rumor, as well as direct statements from the company, and there are no obvious red flags to fully discredit it. Additionally, there is speculation that the leak is connected to a rumored collaboration between From Software and George R.R. Martin.

Fortunately, for those that are champing at the bit for definitive confirmation of these claims, the leak states that the game will be the From Software E3 showing. Indeed, it is said that there will be a cinematic trailer for this From Software new game at E3 2019, and, as such, players do not have long to wait for further verification.

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