Dark Souls Dev May Be Announcing New Game at E3 2019

Dark Souls From Software new game E3 2019

Dark Souls and Bloodborne developer From Software may be planning to announce a new game at E3 2019. An anonymous industry insider has revealed many features of the new game such as its themes and that it will not be another PlayStation exclusive.

Anonymous leaker Omnipotent, who has leaked correct information about From Software's games before, now claims to know about the developer's next game too. In posts on ResetERA, the user confirmed that From Software would be announcing the game at E3 2019. While Sony's decision to skip E3 2019 and From Software's decision to attend should be a big clue enough, Omnipotent also stated that this new game will be multi-platform and so won't be a PlayStation exclusive.

The leaker also teased that From Software's new game will have swords, lasers, or it may feature the two of them. However, the game that From Software is announcing at E3 2019 will not be a new Armored Core, a mecha shooter series that has 20 games in it. The game will have dark fantasy action RPG elements too, something which fits with a rumor that From Software is working with Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin. It's unclear how the swords and lasers may fit in with that.

Dark Souls dev From Software multiplayer live service games

The posts also said that the new From Software game isn't just a multi-platform version of Bloodborne, the PS4-exclusive that has sold millions of copies. The game isn't Bloodborne 2, with the leaker saying that Bloodborne 2 is not even in active development.

Some fans had speculated whether content in From Software VR game Deracine was a Bloodborne 2 tease but it seems that the developer really isn't planning anything with the series just yet. However, fans of FromSoftware and the Dark Souls series may still enjoy the announcement, said the posts.

With this information, fans may not be able to figure out just what From Software is announcing at E3 2019. The developer has also made some comments in interviews that suggest that its new game could be just about anything.

Hidetaka Miyazaki suggested that From Software would like to make a Rockstar Games open world action adventure. Miyazaki has also said that the team would like to make a multiplayer game or live service game (a game that gets many post launch updates). The developer also discussed the importance of the battle royale game genre but it remains to be seen if that is what From Software is working on.

Source: ResetERA

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