From Software's 'Great Rune' Confirmed by Mysterious Subreddit?

from software great rune reddit

It has certainly been a big week when it comes to speculation about From Software's next game. Indeed, the rumor of a collaboration between From Software and George R.R. Martin has recently reemerged, with the Game of Thrones writer confirming that he "consulted on a video game out of Japan." Reports have further indicated that this video game may be a forthcoming open world game called Great Rune, and a mysterious subreddit has just given further credence to this rumor.

Specifically, a "GreatRune" subreddit became active just two days ago with a single post that indicates that the forum will be dedicated to the rumored From Software Great Rune. While the existence of a Great Rune reddit subforum is certainly not confirmation that the game will become a reality, the details surrounding the subreddit paint an interesting picture.

For example, the Great Rune reddit subforum was created nearly two years ago, on July 3, 2017. This information is indicated in the subreddit's only post, which was created by the sole moderator, e_0, but it can also be confirmed independently. This can be done by visiting the about.json page for the Great Rune reddit subforum, locating the Unix timestamp after "created," and converting this timestamp using a timestamp converter.

For clarity, this means that the Great Rune reddit subforum was created long before the rumors of Great Rune began circulating this week, and the moderator teases that insider information prompted their creation of the subreddit. While there is the possibility that this moderator just happened to create the "GreatRune" subreddit with no connection to From Software's new game, and that they are now having a bit of fun following the rumor of the From Software Great Rune, there is evidence that suggests otherwise.

from software great rune reddit

Namely, the moderator of the Great Rune reddit subforum claims that they have previously acted as a moderator for the Dark SoulsDark Souls 2Dark Souls 3, and Bloodborne subreddits. While not all of this moderation can easily be verified, this Redditor's history of moderating the Dark Souls subreddit can be confirmed simply by checking their post history.

Thus, it is established that the "GreatRune" subreddit was created almost two years prior to the rumor of the From Software Great Rune emerging, and the sole moderator of the forum has a direct connection to previous From Software titles. This could all be a big coincidence, but it does appear to substantiate the claim that the new From Software game will be Great Rune.

All of this said, the existence of a Great Rune reddit subforum does not offer any confirmation of the rumors surrounding what the game will be. However, some expect that the title will be the From Software E3 2019 offering, which means that fans could have further details on the title in short order.

Source: Reddit

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