Rumor: Dark Souls Developer Hiring for Dark Fantasy RPG

From Software Dark Fantasy RPG Job Listing

The Dark Souls franchise may have ended, but From Software is apparently working on yet another dark fantasy 3D action RPG, according to a new job listing. The job listing in question is looking for a 2D artist with background and character/creature design experience. Unfortunately Dark Souls developer From Software's association with the job listing is rather surreptitious -- the hiring company's name hasn't been made public. However, there's just enough evidence to give this rumor a healthy foundation.

The job listing has been posted through Silicon Studio Agent, a popular site used to hire for creative positions within the gaming industry -- mostly temporary, contract work. While the posting studio didn't publicly disclose its identity, a common practice on the website, the listed work location is what caught the rumormongers' eyes.

The unnamed company's headquarters is based in Tokyo, about 7 minutes from the Sasazuko train station on the Keio line. According to From Software's official company website, its headquarters are also specifically 7 minutes from the Sasazuko station on the Keio line.

While it's less substantial evidence there is another tacit association with the job listing. From Software has a history of working with Silicon Studio, partnering to use Silicon's middleware. Considering that it would make sense for From Software to use its partner's job site to hunt for contractors. At the same time, Silicon Studio has a dozen partners and a partnership isn't required to make a job-listing, so this is supplementary supporting evidence at best.

From Software's History of Game Development

Here's some interesting information regarding From Software that's worth considering. The studio has released at least one game every single year going all the way back to 1994. Yet here we are in 2017 and From Software doesn't even have an officially announced game. Could this be the year From Software releases no games and focuses on future projects?

While nothing's officially announced by From Software for 2017, that doesn't mean that the studio isn't working on anything. In 2016 the studio mentioned that it had three different projects in the works. At the time, Dark Souls director Miyazaki said that From Software is working on: a dark fantasy action RPG, a reboot/new idea with roots in a previous franchise, and something completely different that's a bit weird. Also, at least one of those three projects is related to From Software's Armored Core franchise.

Obviously the fact that Miyazaki has previously discussed From Software working on a dark fantasy action RPG spoils a bit of the fun regarding this new rumor, but it's still interesting to speculate. Considering From is apparently still hiring concept artists, that project is likely a ways off.

Yet with From Software's proven ability to pump out solid games year after year, maybe 2017 is still realistic. If From Software has anything to reveal for 2017, E3 is probably the latest that the studio would reveal its plans.

Stay tuned for more information on From Software and its as yet unannounced game projects in the months to come.

Source: Dual Shockers

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