'From Dust' Developer Diary

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For those who may not know, From Dust is an upcoming sandbox God-game produced by Ubisoft. It's meant to be a unique mix of Black and White and Populous, a combination that's sure to attract many fans of such simulations. It's been several years since a bona-fide 'God-Game' has graced the shelves, which means the only question many will have for From Dust is simply, 'Will it do its inspiration justice?'

Last year, Ubisoft released a From Dust tech demo video to demonstrate the power that the player has in the game. Since then, the studio has been quiet as they work towards finishing the game. Now, Ubisoft has released the second Developer Diary, which details more on where the landscape inspiration came from, the inhabitants of the From Dust world, and what the player must do to protect them from the dangers of an equally beauteous and vicious environment.

Whether or not there will be rival tribes in the game we haven't heard, so it's likely that it will be your job to protect all of the masked inhabitants in general - or not, if you're feeling evil. After all, it is a sandbox game, your sandbox game! The world is quite literally your oyster, so if you feel like building a volcano next to the sleeping hut, well, that's your business. You must master everything from rock to water, and from sand to vegetation - it's just a question of whether From Dust can make it an entertaining experience that will keep imaginative gamers coming back for more.

Let's take a look into the world of From Dust and take in what it has to offer:


There's no doubt that anyone who plays the game will have the tool in their repertoire to generate some amazing landscapes, which will dynamically react to everything as soon as its placed and moved into the world. Yes, that means that you can probably carve a lake into the shape of your name into the ground - we know it's one of the first things you'll probably do.

What do you think of the From Dust developer diary? Had you heard about the game before? Do you think it has the potential to become a decent hit, or at least a worthy continuation of the God Simulation genre?

From Dust will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. We'll keep you posted when the release date gets confirmed.

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