'From Dust' PC Release Date & New Developer Diary

From Dust recieves call for early PC Release

It's not hard to be excited about From Dust, the creative Ubisoft title in which the player -- for the first time since the days of Black and White -- goes into the game as a God. From Dust won our Best Original Title of E3 award, and presents players with a plethora of unique and dynamic landscape-based challenges.

As one of the most anticipated Summer of Arcade titles, many gamers are excited for a chance to play From Dust on Xbox Live, but what about players who own other systems? Most Summer of Arcade titles require a window of exclusivity to expire before coming to other consoles, but Ubisoft has some good news to share... at least with PC gamers.

Ubisoft revealed today that From Dust will be available for PC download on July 27th, the same date that it goes up on Xbox Live. The PC version will run gamers $14.99, a very reasonable price. While this is great news for PC and Xbox gamers, we're still left waiting on a release date announcement for the PlayStation 3 crowd. Hopefully, it won't be too far behind the game's initial release.

Along with this news, Ubisoft released the third developer diary for From Dust, which explains the span and general goal of the game. We get to see some of the seven powers, like Jellify Water, in action -- as well as some surprising explosive reactions which will no doubt come in handy later this month. Let's take a peek:


While the previous diary detailed very specific information about tribal aspects and landscape design decisions, the above is a great general video for those who may not be familiar with the upcoming God game. Either way, with the full release less than a month away, gamers won't have to wait long to experience From Dust for themselves.

From Dust has certainly turned heads with its dynamic environments and truly unique gameplay (check out our hands-on impressions from E3 for the full rundown). Whether the game itself remains entertaining from beginning to end, however, is something we'll just have to wait to discover. In the meantime, you can always get in the mood with some Populous or Black and White.

What do you think about From Dust? Is it the kind of game you'd prefer on console or PC? With a spherical cursor interface, you'd have to imagine it's a well-suited interface for both, but let us know what entices you more!

From Dust will be available on both PC and Xbox 360 on July 27, 2011.


Source: ShackNews

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