Plans have recently been laid out for Virtual Cabin 2.0, the next version of the interactive museum found in Friday the 13th: The Game.

The original Virtual Cabin was created as an add-on to the game’s Kickstarter campaign. It functioned as a standalone experience, where players could casually explore the area without threats. They are free to observe the game’s various assets, solve simple puzzles, and find some interesting series easter eggs along the way. There are also plenty of things to interact with, such as a radio that plays developer commentary.

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With Virtual Cabin 2.0, fans of Friday the 13th: The Game will have even more to discover. The developers are promising it will be bigger, with more easter eggs and props from the films than you can shake a machete at. While it will still embody the Friday the 13th museum vibe, the Virtual Cabin will also have hidden depth for those who wish to find it.

Like the previous version, Virtual Cabin 2.0 will be in first-person. Taking advantage of this, the devs promise a few jump scares and likened the experience to a certain popular horror demo that got cancelled once upon a time. This is likely a reference to the cancelled Silent Hill game, which started its life as a mysterious first-person demo called P.T.

The original Virtual Cabin was $15 and only available to those on PC. The 2.0 version will be available to all players, including those on console. The best part is it will be completely free. While there is no release date at this time, the developers recently released a DLC road map that lays out plans for future downloadable content. This sheds some light on when we can expect certain content. It doesn’t list specific dates, but the vintage style map does contain subtle hints as to when content is expected to drop, such as a snowflake to indicate the holiday season.

According to the game’s DLC roadmap, Virtual Cabin 2.0 will be heading to the game once the new clothing update has been added and shortly after Halloween. As it so happens, the clothing update was added to the game this week, which means Virtual Cabin 2.0 shouldn’t be too far behind.

Friday the 13th is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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