The Friday the 13th dev team is taking a page from their own game and preparing to go on a killing spree. Except they aren’t targeting camp counselors. Instead, they’re going after those pesky bugs permeating the game. At least that’s the plan laid out for the next major patch, as explained in the game’s forums.

According to a recent post by team member Gertz, the folks working on Friday the 13th have scoured the Internet, social networking channels, and their own bug reporting website to get the clearest understanding of what’s negatively affecting the game and its players. The post lists the various issues they plan to tackle — and there are quite a few.

jason voorhees friday 13th

Here is a summary of what’s on the schedule:

  • Cabin Vegetation, “Wood”, “Rock” Text, and Phantom Door – Due to some confusion, there was a bad merge of content that resulted in some issues. The problems were found, but fixing the issues would have required the team to pull the game and resubmit, which would have taken some time. The dev team is changing their internal process for merges to avoid this issue like this in the future, and the issues listed here are already fixed internally.
  • Window Changes – Some of the Jasons are having trouble breaking windows, due to the way the weapon and window collision interacts. This tactics was changed to an event so the window would break when its supposed to, but players weren’t digging it. The team will change it back and find a way to fix the Jasons instead.
  • Jason Missing Breaking Down The Door – Similar to the window issue, in that certain Jasons cause problems with collision interactions. It’s on the schedule to be fixed.
  • Pocket Knife – Jason players found an exploit that allows them to trigger an environmental kill before the pocket knife counter triggers.
  • Jason Stun Lock Kill – The firecrackers, which stuns or distracts Jason, are initiating the kill sequence when they shouldn’t.
  • Loading Screen Freeze And Blackscreen – These are issues that have no solution at the current time. The devs are asking players afflicted by the issue to continue providing information that could help them track the cause.
  • Performance Issues – A memory leak has been happening on all platforms, but none are as affected as the Xbox One version. The team reports they are close to a solution.
  • Badge Progression – A localization bug caused by saving the data without accounting for swapping languages. If players run into this issue, they can change their language back to English and it should sort itself out. The devs are working on a permanent fix, however.
  • Matchmaking – Lobby creation should not happen until around 30 seconds has passed, but the timer currently only waits 10 seconds before creating a new lobby. This means it only allows the player to send 2 search requests for active lobbies instead of 5-6 before going back to lobby creation. Additionally, the team is reducing the ping threshold to find games from 300ms to 200ms. While this creates better matches, it prolongs the wait to enter one. This will especially impact regions with low player count who match with people outside their region.

That’s quite a laundry list of bugs. But it’s great to see the dev team is still hard at work squashing them and improving the game. While players wait for these issues to be resolved, they can try out some of the game’s most recent changes. They can also anticipate new downloadable content coming soon.

The most recent update saw two big modifications. First was the reduced the game’s map size, which cut maps down by 40%. This was done to expedite matches and make them more tense. The other was the removal of team killing in public matches. While cars are as deadly as ever, players can’t go full-on Jason against other counselors.

Additionally, Friday the 13th is getting ready to drop a Spring Break 1984 Clothing Pack that gives the counselors a change of attire. The preview released earlier this week shows Tiffany in a pink and yellow two-piece swim suit, while Chad is rocking the solid black Speedo. Those costumes and more are expected to be part of the pack.

Friday the 13th: The Game is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.