10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Friday The 13th

Friday the 13th has come to Nintendo Switch and with it comes a whole new player base — whether because people are buying it on the Switch, or because it's rejuvenated the player base on the other consoles and on PC. Although it's a fairly simple game in concept, there are some mechanisms which people aren't aware of, especially not straight away. So let's start off easy and explain some of the things beginners may not be aware they can do which would make life (or death) at camp so much easier — and then move onto the stuff that even seasoned players may not be aware of.

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10 Call The Police & Run Straight Out

Your goal is to escape the map. There will be things on the map you can repair and use to escape (cars, boats, etc.), but some people aren't aware that you can actually call the police and when they arrive at the edge of the highway, you can run straight out.

First, you will need to find the phone fuse, which will be in a random drawer on the map — and there will only be one. One of the cabins will have a broken fuse on the side of it. Repair it with the found phone fuse, and the phone inside will be fixed. Your character can pick up the phone and call the police, who will arrive exactly five minutes from the call on one side of the map.

If you have a map, check where they showed up and run to them. Otherwise, follow the other characters.

9 Repair The Boat & Car (Or Both Cars...)

Someone repaired the car or boat and escaped alone, leaving you behind. It's a jerk move, but it happens.

What you may not realize is that there's always two vehicles on the map (or a car and a boat). If one has escaped, check the map if you have one or wander around — there are always two chances to escape besides the police, so don't despair. Although it is possible to wreck the car if you're a bad driver, so your escape methods can diminish.

8 Swim Fast... If You're Jason

As Jason, you are a much faster swimmer than walker. If you spot someone in the water, they're doomed. If they're on the boat, it's pretty easy to catch and overturn it too.

You can also use to swim around the map looking for people if you're struggling to find anyone. Hit the water and highlight your sense ability to highlight surviving counselors in red, then swim around the edges until you see someone. It's much faster than walking, especially in maps like Pinehurst which are both huge and have a convenient body of water down the middle.

7 Environmental Kills

You get points for killing someone, but you get even more for an environmental kill!

When you grab someone as Jason, white spots will highlight places near you. Walk to them with your struggling counselor, and hit the kill button when you reach it. Instead of one of Jason's trademark murders you can customize in your settings, he will use something in the environment to kill them. The animations are more fun (er — is that the right word?) and you get more points.

6 Stun Jason

Something else new players may not be aware of is that you can stun Jason. You can't do this while he's in rage mode (which he will enter for the second half of any match), but for the first ten minutes, hitting him with a weapon may stun him. Some weapons have a higher stun chance, such as the baseball bat. Sometimes he'll freeze, sometimes he'll actually be knocked to the floor and take a second to get up, giving you time to get away.

5 Knock His Mask Off

Now we're moving onto the slightly more advanced stuff. Hit Jason enough, and his mask will fall off!

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This will be handy for something way more advanced (keep reading), but for now, it's a fun achievement to pick up his mask (and comes with a trophy on console!), and it means you can enter his shack without him being alerted of an intruder.

4 Break Down Doors In One Hit

If you're playing as Jason, you'll notice it takes two hits to break down a door, three or four if it's locked. Did you know you can step through it and smash it, though?

Well, only if in rage mode. When in rage mode, walk up to the door and press X/E/whatever your system requires. Instead of hitting the door with his weapon, Jason will step straight through it.

Sadly, you can't do this as a counselor to escape.

3 Launch Through Windows

What you can do as a counselor is smash through windows.

Usually, the counselor will slide a window open and climb through. However, if you're in a rush and have Jason hot on your tail, take a run at the window and press the prompt. If you do it while running instead of walking or standing, your counselor will smash straight through the window and Jason can't come through after them. He'll have to use the door instead.

Couple of caveats, though! You will take damage for it, and Jason can still hit you with his throwing knives through that broken window, so move out of his line of sight. This is only for the desperate.

2 Collect Tapes

Throughout the maps, there will sometimes be tapes. They're rare, but there, and they will either be from Jason's mother or Tommy Jarvis. You can then play them in the main menu to hear some neat snippets from those characters. They don't do much for you in-game, but if you're a fan of the slasher movies, you'll get a kick out of these.

1 Kill Jason

Yes, you can kill Jason!

It's really hard, so don't attempt this during your third game. Firstly, his mask must be knocked off, as mentioned above. One of the female counselors must go into his shack and put on his mother's sweater. Then, a player must die or escape and be chosen to come back into the game as Tommy Jarvis to help the others.

Once you have Tommy and his mother's sweater in play, taunt him using the sweater and he will be frozen for a moment. Hit him with a weapon and he will fall to the floor. Then, as long as Tommy has an axe or machete in hand, he can step forward and press the kill prompt.

It's a lot of steps and requires some great timing. Again: not for beginners!

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