Friday the 13th: The Game has received plenty of praise for its unusual asymmetrical multiplayer since it launched late last month, but the online experience hasn’t been perfect for players on the Xbox One. Now, developer Gun Media has issued a patch that reportedly addresses some of the biggest problems.

By all accounts, Friday the 13th: The Game is great fun when players actually get the opportunity to don the hockey mask and rack up some kills, or collaborate with other camp counsellors in an effort to survive. However, the game’s imperfect matchmaking system has marred the experience for many.

Yesterday’s update apparently offers up a significant reduction to the amount of time players will spend waiting for the matchmaking process to play out, building on the tweaks made by an earlier patch. The game’s backend has also been made more reliable, which should ensure that matches can play out without disruption more consistently.

Gun Media is now in a better position to maintain parity between the three versions of Friday the 13th: The Game that are available. This update was already issued to the PlayStation 4 version of the game, and similarly the day one patch took longer to reach the Xbox One than either of the other two platforms.

In addition to the matchmaking fixes, the update addresses a whole host of smaller bugs, including some of the niggling problems related to the game’s hide spots. There’s also a much bigger penalty for teamkilling, up to 1000XP from 200XP — a full changelog is available here.

There’s certainly a lot to like about Friday the 13th: The Game, but it’s fair to say that technical issues have soured many players on the experience. However, if Gun Media can continue to make tweaks and improvements, the game could well go on to be a modern multiplayer classic.

Friday the 13th: The Game is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Facebook