It isn’t just killer characters and in-game maps that are getting new upgrades in Illfonic Games’ Friday the 13th: The Game – clothing packs are, too. The developer had previously teased the release of a special spring break-centered DLC, and even posted a cheeky news update hinting that a secret collection of clothing was almost ready to be revealed. Earlier this weekend, Illfonic finally pulled the curtain back and confirmed that the new clothing pack is the Spring Break 1984 one, fit with theme-appropriate options.

Using Friday the 13th‘s Spring Break 1984 clothing pack, players can outfit their characters in lakeside attire, seemingly with more variation available for female characters than male. Camp Crystal Lake counselors Chad Kensington and Tiffany Cox were used in the promotional material, with Chad sporting a shiny black Speedo and Tiffany wearing a pink and yellow floral two-piece swim suit.

friday the 13th game spring break 1984 dlc

However, in a recent Friday the 13th developer diary posted on the Gun Media YouTube channel, there were sneak peeks of fellow counselors Deborah and Vanessa in one-piece swimsuits, suggesting that those options will also be available for players in the Spring Break 1984 clothing pack. That said, it still remains unclear how the other counselors, like Jenny Meyers or Tommy Jarvis, will look as they hang out lakeside.

Those wanting to pick up the Spring Break 1984 clothing pack should be prepared to shell out $3.99 USD to purchase it. Illfonic indicated that the pack would sell at a 50 percent off price of $1.99 USD for a limited time, but didn’t specify when that would be. All that’s known for sure is that the pack will be available soon, though interior content and timeline of release are subject to change at any moment.

friday the 13th clothing update counselors

Alongside the new clothing pack comes a counselor clothing update that allows players markedly more control over what they wear in game. The clothing system is getting a full revamp, which will include more customization options, a streamlined clothing user interface that scraps the old clunky one, and a mechanic for swapping between clothing meshes and skin masks.

While this upcoming content, admittedly, isn’t as thrilling as other releases such as the upcoming new playable Jason Voorhees or the addition of condensed, packed-in maps, it adds a layer of irreverent fun to the asymmetrical horror title that fans are sure to enjoy. Tack on the knowledge that the clothing system as a whole is being rebuilt, and it’s safe to say that players will now be dodging Jason in style.

Friday the 13th: The Game is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Friday the 13th: The Game