It has been a few months since Friday the 13th first launched and developer Gun Media is finally settling into a nice rhythm as far as revealing new content and getting players excited for the future. But most of those teases pale in comparison to today’s reveal, which featured a full DLC road map for Friday the 13th through the end of the year and beyond.

The road map looks a lot like a camp guide, showing Friday the 13th fans where they are and where they are headed. According to the map there are plenty of releases planned between now and Christmas/Winter, including the first tease of the Single Player mode.

In the lead up to Halloween, Friday the 13th will add new counselors, new emotes, a new Jason skin, new kills, and the previously revealed Spring Break pack. Most of these were known quantities but it’s nice to see the potential order for their release and to know they will be out within the next month and a half.


Beyond that Friday the 13th plans to add support for offline bots as well as something called Virtual Cabin 2.0. The developers initially pitched the Virtual Cabin as a place for players to see assets from the game and explore their various accomplishments, but the feature didn’t make the game’s launch. Presumably, this is built on top of that idea but with even more content.

It’s unclear if the snowflake symbol signifies Christmas or the end of Winter, but whatever the case there is a new map on the way before players reach that milestone. Recently, Gun Media added smaller versions of existing maps, but two maps are in the works before 2018 – the Jarvis House map before Halloween and this other one.

Winter will also see the first tease of Single Player in the form of a Single Player Challenges demo. Gun hasn’t revealed what these challenges may be, but it sounds as though players will be required to complete specific tasks within the existing maps. Perhaps an AI Jason will be stalking them, which is why this feature releases after the Offline Bots feature.

friday the 13th dlc roadmap

Beyond that, Friday the 13th’s plans include new Jason skins, a new mode, and a new map, with the Single Player Challenges finally added to the game. That’s obviously much further off than the summer release date Gun revealed for Single Player, but the early launch problems forced the development team to place priorities elsewhere.

The good news is that Single Player is still part of the road map, but Challenges might not be exactly what players were expecting. When one thinks of Single Player they typically hope for a campaign, but it does not sound like that is what Friday the 13th is cooking up. We should know more, though, before the New Year.

Friday the 13th is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.