Why Friday the 13th The Game Had So Many Problems at Launch


By now it’s no secret that Friday the 13th The Game is having some launch week issues, with thousands of players reporting struggles connecting with the game’s servers. We know from updates and tweets that Gun Media is working around the clock to fix these issues, but reasons for the connection issues have been purely speculative. Now the developers want to explain.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Gun Media offers both an explanation for why the servers have been struggling and what the developer plans to do to fix those issues. First up will be a 3-hour maintenance window, where the game’s servers will go down and presumably some fixes will be made. So if you have been experiencing issues, like the database login failure error, there may be hope in sight.

But the real reason most will be reading the post is to find out just what happened to Friday the 13th’s servers at launch. The easy answer is that the developers simply underestimated the initial demand for their game, which is a good problem to have but one that can become bad if the response isn’t quick. Popularity is a positive sign but not anticipating how popular a game may be could lead to bad word of mouth.

According to Gun Media, the devs crunched numbers based on beta interest, pre-orders, and Kickstarter backers and expected to see about 30,000 concurrent players at launch. Unfortunately, 75,000 people tried to log into Friday the 13th’s servers at launch and, as Gun Media explains, things melted.

To make matters worse, the problems on Friday evolved as the weekend went on, with some reporting new issues on Saturday that were never present on Friday. Matchmaking, though, has been a real struggle for the game, and could take upwards of 10 minutes if a match was even found at all. There was also the smaller issue of XP not tallying, which was preventing players from unlocking new counselors and Jason skins.

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Since then the developer has been working around the clock to try to get things stable, and to its credit the matchmaking times have come down and the errors are fewer and further between. They are not completely gone, mind you, but it’s clear that Gun Media is making progress. The fact that the devs can now address the why of it all says a lot of about where they are and where they hope to be.

Soon players will know whether or not the worst is behind them, after the planned maintenance finishing on Monday morning. Look for more updates from Gun Media as to how the servers are faring.

Friday the 13th The Game is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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