Friday the 13th Savini Jason Skin Accidentally Went on Sale for Xbox

Friday The 13th Flaming Jason Xbox One Skin

A few days ago, Gun Media finally announced that the long-awaited Xbox One patch for Friday The 13th was finally available to download. When gamers logged in to nab the update, many Xbox One gamers noticed something else was made available as well: the Tom Savini-designed flaming Jason skin, a downloadable item which was promised to be exclusive to those who had backed Friday The 13th on Kickstarter.

Those who had actually backed the project on Kickstarter were frustrated to see the product become freely available to the public, as they'd paid extra for the exclusive use of the designer skin. Unfortunately for those backers, this isn't even the first time this has happened - Sony made the same mistake last month, releasing the skin as a free item for any gamer to download. Gun Media was eventually able to get Sony to pull down the content, with the exact same course of action taking place on the Xbox One.

Friday The 13th Flaming Jason Download

Gun Media promised that the Tom Savini design would never become publicly available, and it's unfortunate that a game which has been plagued by many glitches and issues from the start has also been unable to protect backer-exclusive content meant for those who supported it from the beginning. Of course, gamers who hadn't bought into the Kickstarter tiers have been quite happy to download the skin while it's available, as it's not likely that Sony or Microsoft will make the same mistake again. Given Gun Media's prior stance on the subject, it's unlikely the skin will be made for purchase from the general public, either.

Now that some of the game's most glaring problems have been fixed via patches, the majority of gamers can look forward to new content like additional horror-themed Easter Eggs. Recently, the news that developer Illfonic was already producing another game received a negative backlash from fans who still had concerns about Friday The 13th's development, prompting Illfonic to state that support for the title had definitely increased since it became a hit among fans. Despite this increase in support staff, some issues - like Microsoft or Sony accidentally releasing Kickstarter exclusive skins - appear to be outside of the studio's control.

At the time of this writing, it appears that Microsoft has fixed the issue with the skin's availability.

Friday the 13th: The Game is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Horror Geek Life

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