This week, Friday the 13th added its first piece of new content with the release of Retro Jason into the game. However, some are confused as to how to unlock Retro Jason, since developer Gun Media didn’t make it exactly clear what they were adding.

As it turns out, Retro Jason is actually a skin for the Part 3 Jason that is already in Friday the 13th. To access the skin all players need to do is click in the right stick on console or click the ‘Change Skin’ button on PC.

It’s a pretty simple implementation, but some might not be aware of how the reskinning works since this is the first instance of it. This also presumably opens the door for more reskins of Jason, potentially themed after other movies or iterations of the character.

We’ll admit that discovering Retro Jason is merely a reskin of a Jason that is already in the game is disappointing, especially since the Jason options are already so limited. But it’s hard to deny the fun piece of nostalgia that Gun Media has added into its game.

friday the 13th retro jason perks

Hearing the chip tune soundtrack kick in adds a new twist to the terror that strikes players when Jason is nearby. The music is a bit too low for our liking, but that’s something that Gun Media can fix in a future update, along with numerous other issues that are still in the game.

First up, though, is a double XP weekend for Friday the 13th that should start within a few hours. At the same time as that, Gun will gift all players 13,000 CP, which they can spend on new perks for counselors or cool kills for Jason. Think of it like an apology gesture from the developers for sticking through the numerous matchmaking and connection errors that plagued the game.

As far as when players might see the addition of genuine new content, our best guess is that will be the single player campaign that was delayed until the summer time. Chances are the timeline for the campaign has been impacted by Gun having to fix launch issues, but we haven’t heard anything official. Hopefully that add-on will satisfy players and fans more than a purple palette swap for Jason.

Friday the 13th The Game is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.