Members of the IllFonic support team confirmed that the studio will be adding proper cutscenes for its latest Friday The 13th content, which brings a purple-and-teal retro Jason to Camp Crystal Lake. The nostalgia-based free update brought the return of Retro Jason along with a few ’80s-themed camp counselor outfits, but the new skin didn’t have any cutscenes to match – meaning that even if players were using the skin, the intro and exit scenes still showed Jason in his regular duds.

The support team for Friday The 13th confirmed that while the nostalgia-themed outfit was purely a gameplay item for now, the development team was working on an update to bring the retro costume into the introductory and exit cutscenes for the game as well. It’s not currently known if this means the studio will simply replace the outfit for these scenes, or if some custom scenes will actually refer back to the 1989 NES release. We certainly wouldn’t mind if 8-bit text popped up and said “You and your friends are dead. Game Over.” like the NES title, but any cutscene that matches the outfit is an improvement over its current status.

Some fans had been a bit confused by the continuity errors as the game switched between cutscene and gameplay in Friday The 13th, as the sudden change in wardrobe can be quite jarring. While Jason’s regular jumpsuit and hockey mask outfit can somewhat blend in to surroundings, his purple jumpsuit combined with both teal mask don’t exactly blend in to much.

For the time being, fans will have to accept the jarring cuts between Jason wearing his regular dudes and then suddenly popping out of a bush in purple-and-teal garments. In the retro skin, even his hands are teal, since that’s what the color scheme from his 1989 SNES sprites used in order to save processing power. The skin may not be as popular as the Flaming Jason skin, but older fans likely appreciate the gesture.

Publisher Gun Media has had its hands full of late, as Friday The 13th launched to no small amount of server issues and problems that still need to be sorted out. Adding Retro Jason’s cutscenes is just another item on a long list of bugs and fixes that are still left to do, so gamers will have to wait to hear an official update on when this will come. In the meantime, a Double XP weekend is poised to start this Friday, and will run until Sunday, June 25.

What do you think about the Retro Jason skin for Friday The 13th, Ranters?

Friday the 13th The Game is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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