Friday the 13th Devs Detail Next Patch Fixes

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Early Monday morning, Friday the 13th went down for maintenance in the hopes of fixing many of the connection errors that were impacting players. And thus far it seems like most of the major issues are behind us, although there are a few left to address.

In a new Facebook post, Friday the 13th developer Gun Media detailed the improvements it made to the game’s servers, explaining that they can now handle up to 90,000 concurrent players at a time. For reference, the servers Gun was using when Friday the 13th released could handle about 30,000 players, but close to 75,000 showed up.

But even though the servers are now equipped to handle more players, Gun Media says it still has a few issues to fix for players. According to the developer, the most pressing at the moment are:

  • Login Database Failure
  • Missing XP or Lost XP
  • Infinite saving when customizing Jason or camp counselor
  • Missing perks
  • Can't use Quick Play on Xbox One

No doubt, the biggest issue for Friday the 13th players on Xbox One is the quick play bug that is preventing many from finding any matches. On other platforms it can take some time to find a match (upwards of 10 minutes if you are unlucky) but eventually a match is found. On Xbox One, however, players wil simply be stuck looking for a session forever.

To fix some of these issues Friday the 13th The Game will be receiving a patch on all three platforms, if it hasn’t already. Release dates for the patch vary based on the certification process, which is a lot longer on console and non-existent on Steam. As a result, the PC patch should already be live (or will be live very soon), the PS4 patch should hit on Tuesday at some point, and the Xbox One patch is set for Wednesday.

In lay man’s terms, Friday the 13th is in need of fixes that will lower the time it takes the time to access information from the database and save info to it. This patch should be what does that and will presumably eliminate some of the more nagging issues involving lost XP and getting stuck in the perk selection screen.

Few could have expected how divisive a game like Friday the 13th would be, and clearly the devs didn’t expect how popular their finished product would be either. Perhaps now that things are calming down, fans can truly see whether they enjoy the game or not.

Friday the 13th is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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