The team behind the Friday the 13th game has already taken some measures to counteract bad player behavior, having released a patch to address team-killing. But team killing isn’t the only misdeed that some players are committing and now, more is being done in order to stamp it out.

As part of this, an update version of Friday the 13th code of conduct has been published. One of the major new rules regards “logging out or exiting the Service during live game-play.” The team “may track this data over time and issue a temporary ban when a user is determined to have left mid-game too many times,” also warning of longer temporary bans if players continue to leave games early.

It’s unclear whether “live” gameplay only includes the time in which players are alive or whether players could face bans for leaving the match once their character has died. The latter is a fairly standard practice as players leave the game once they die and are moved to spectator mode. This is a relatively recent addition to the code of conduct and therefore some kinks in its wording may need to be worked out, but hopefully a clarification will be issued soon.


Other acts prohibited by the code of conduct include “accessing or attempting to access areas of the Service that have not been made available to the public,” spamming chat and using mods, cheats or bots for the game. The rules also warn against “playing on another person’s account to “boost” that account’s status or rank.”

The additions to the code of conduct are vital as the physical release of Friday the 13th is just a couple of months away and will likely cause a significant influx of players to start playing the game. The sooner the Friday the 13th team establishes what is or isn’t acceptable in its game, the sooner all players (both old and new) can get on the same page and play nicely together.

Moreover, with the Friday the 13th single player update being delayed, it means that players are going to be spending even more time in the game’s asymmetrical multiplayer. Some players may wind up entertaining themselves by playing the game as its creators didn’t intend, including team-killing, using hacks or just ditching games that they aren’t confident about winning. And although it’s unclear exactly how long those temporary bans may last, it could be enough of a deterrent to drag players back in line.

Friday the 13th is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Friday the 13th – Code of Conduct