As many Friday the 13th: The Game fans are likely aware, Gun Media and IllFonic are planning a big update for the asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror title, but the companies have yet to openly divulge exactly when the patch will come to fruition. While one Redditor by the name of FoukelPoint recently posted a conversation held between them and someone who’s supposedly an IllFonic team member stating that the update was going to come out on either August 24 or August 25, with the days having come and gone with no release, Gun Media has stepped up to offer a statement on the next patch.

According to Gun Media team member known as ThePraetorian’s post on Friday the 13th: The Game‘s official subreddit, the company does have “internal projections” as to when it hopes to release the next patch, but oftentimes unforeseen issues crop up during the development process that requires the date to change. With this being the case, the publisher wants to be “100% certain when giving out dates,” as it doesn’t want to break any promises made to the fan base.

“In essence; we are working as quickly and as hard as we can. This patch brings all versions to parity and gives us a more substantial platform to update for future content. We want to get updates going out at the same time, on a schedule that is sustainable and works for everyone. We’re working to reduce the instances of patches going to Steam/PS4 before Xbox One and vice versa.

“That being said; we have a target. Is that target set? No. However, it is our hope.”

While Gun Media’s statement on the issue of the next patch will likely be disappointing to some Friday the 13th: The Game fans, as it doesn’t even offer a release window for when the update could arrive, it’s difficult to find fault with the company’s approach to announcing the content’s launch date. Plus, by planning to put out the patch with parity in mind, Gun Media and IllFonic will be able to better troubleshoot issues across the title’s various platforms all at once without fixing them in a piecemeal manner by waiting a month in between patch releases like it did once with Xbox One after certain PC and PlayStation 4 issues had been rectified.

All things considered, it’s best for Gun Media and IllFonic to not rush Friday the 13th: The Game‘s next patch. After all, with lots of content on the way, such as a fresh Jason, new maps, and new counselors, putting just the right amount of polish into the update will ultimately give players the most enjoyable product possible no matter when it drops.

Friday the 13th: The Game is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit