It’s been over two months since Friday the 13th The Game released, and since that time players have consistently been asking, “What’s next?” Developer Gun Media has teased some new content and promised a patch to fight teamkilling, but this week the studio finally offered some concrete details regarding the first major add-ons to the game.

New Emotes

In a series of posts, Gun Media reveals that the next content update for Friday the 13th will include 8 free emotes for players to use in-game. Currently, the only way to interact with other players is via voice chat, with restrictions based on proximity and whether the player has a walkie-talkie.

Emotes may seem insignificant at first, but they should be able to help players communicate without using mics. If a player wants to congratulate another player for installing a part, or if they want to signal a player to follow them to an escape route, these emotes could do the trick. Obviously, nothing can replace the utility of voice chat, but emotes offer a way to communicate beyond teabagging and turning a flashlight on and off.

Smaller Maps

The second piece of the content update will be faster-paced maps. According to Gun, these maps will be 40% smaller and 100% deadlier. Given the wording, it doesn’t sound as though these will be completely new maps, but rather the devs have constrained each map’s boundaries.

Smaller maps in Friday the 13th should make things progress faster, but whether or not those matches will be as enjoyable is hard to predict. Making the area smaller means that Jason will be able to find counselors faster and they will have less time to secure escape routes. The randomization of item spawns can be a boon or a pain, depending on whether things end up, but with Jason nearby there is less chance for success when RNG doesn’t work in the counselor’s favor.

If nothing else, though, the promise of new content is sure to please those Friday the 13th players that are still invested in the game. Through all the matchmaking issues and server instability, the title still has its fair share of fans, and they have been hoping that new items would be on the way soon.

It’s also important to mention that the Friday the 13th devs says the smaller maps and emotes are just a couple of things that are in the works for the game, which suggests the first major content update could include much more. We know new Jason kills are also being designed, but beyond that, players could be looking at new counselors, Jason skins, or perks.

Friday the 13th is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.