Despite a rocky start, Friday the 13th recently hit 1.8 million copies sold, with more sales expected in the coming weeks and months. Now, thanks to a recent reveal from Gun Media’s Wes Keltner, it looks like those nearly two million Friday the 13th players will have new characters and maps in the not-too-distant future.

Speaking to, Keltner opened up about Friday the 13th‘s recent challenges, and what the team is doing to address them. During the discussion, Keltner mentioned that the game is making a profit, and that much of the money coming into the developer from sales is going right back into making the game better for players. Keltner said:

“As for being profitable, we were in the black quickly. However, we have reinvested that profit directly back into F13 in the form of new content (maps, characters, etc) and our ongoing server costs.”

jason voorhees friday 13th

Keltner didn’t provide any details about what these new maps and characters may be, but just the mention of them should be enough to excite players. This is especially true considering the recent revelation that Friday the 13th dev Illfonic has another game in beta. That announcement worried many gamers, some of whom predicted that Friday the 13th would lose the support due to the new game’s release. Gun Media then clarified that Illfonic has two teams hard at work – one on Dead Alliance and one on Friday the 13th support. Even so, the news that new maps and characters are on the way for Friday the 13th should be a welcome update.

Additionally, Gun Media is continuing to make fixes to the game, especially on Xbox One, where many players have experienced frustrating, game-breaking bugs. Despite the recent patch to the Xbox One version of the game, the developer is continuing to hone in on memory leak issues, and correcting problems plaguing the Microsoft console’s edition of Friday the 13th.

With the physical copy of Friday the 13th coming on October 13 (no surprise with that being Friday the 13th), it’s possible the developer is planning to release the new content sometime around that date. The promise and follow-through of new content around the physical release date would undoubtedly benefit sales.


That said, timing for the new content’s release is merely speculation at this point. In his interview, Keltner did admit that the small team’s limited experience has produced challenges to their capabilities, but that they’re working hard to meet expectations. Keltner said:

“Our biggest challenge is team size and experience. This is our first time at ‘the big table’ and we have stumbled throughout this process. What we lack in experience we make up for with passion and heart.”

Hopefully players won’t have to wait too long for the new content to arrive.

Friday the 13th is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.